Phoebe and Winnie is the friendship pairing between Phoebe Thunderman and Winnie Lee. Winnie is one of the popular girls at Hiddenville High, which is why Phoebe tries so hard to be friends with her. Their relationship is mainly centered on Phoebe's attempt to get closer to Winnie Lee without success.


Season 2

Parents Just Don't Thunderstand

  • Winnie Lee invites Phoebe (and Max) to her party without parents.
  • Phoebe is very excited to go to Winnie's party, saying that if she doesn't go, she would be done.
  • Phoebe and Max try to sneak to Winnie's party but are busted. So, they use the BrainMelt-3000 on their parents so they can let them go to the party.
  • When Hank and Barb throw a party at their house, Winnie moves her party to Phoebe's house.
  • Phoebe is happy to see Winnie Lee at the Thundermans house.
  • Winnie listens to Barb reading Phoebe's diary.
  • Before leaving, Winnie tells Phoebe that she is going to be in all parties.

Call of Lunch Duty

  • Phoebe is embarrassed when she scrapes gum and accidentally throws it on Winnie Lee.
  • Phoebe asks Winnie Lee to give her her gum for her article project but Winnie refuses.
  • After Phoebe's successful article, Winnie invites Phoebe to sit with her during lunch.
  • Phoebe is excited to hangout with Winnie Lee for the first time but is disappointed when she loses the opportunity after Principal Bradford punishes her to work on the lunch line.

The Girl with the Dragon Snafu

  • Winnie wants Phoebe to be in her group for Mrs. Austin's class project.
  • Max says Phoebe has been trying to hangout with Winnie Lee for an entire year. He uses that to trick Phoebe into joining Winnie's group.
  • Winnie and her friends Sabrina and Emma take Phoebe shopping instead of studying.
  • Winnie likes Phoebe's new boots.
  • Phoebe tries to get Winnie and her group to get serious about their project but they just want to have fun.
  • When Phoebe stands up to Winnie for not taking their project seriously, Winnie kicks her out of their group.