Weather Control is the ability to manipulate or change the weather at will. The area of impact could be as small as changing the weather inside the room or could affect a larger area.


Weather control was introduced on the Thundermans in the episode, Back To School as Keely's main power. At first, Keely doesn't have full control over the power and even accidentally strikes Rodney's lunch with lightning. But, with Phoebe's helps, Keely finally learns to control her powers and helps save the day by creating an electrically charged cloud to counteract the lasers.

Notable Uses

  • Keely used this power to demonstrate to Phoebe and Max her powers
  • Keely saved Phoebe and Max by using her Weather Control
  • Keely doesn't trust in herself that she can do it, but later on she helped Phoebe and Max.
  • Barb Killer Thunderman McBoogerson via her Electrokinetic

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