Wiki Update - New Characters and Places pages launched!


1. New pages launched!

  • As part of the Wiki's Modernization Project, new pages have been designed to make all the Wiki's pages more accessible and informative.
    • New Character Pages - We have launched 2 new character pages - Characters and Minor Characters. The Characters page lists all the main and recurring characters while the Minor Characters page lists the minor and guest characters. With the new pages, visitors can now find and browse the characters much easier! Be the first to check out the pages!
    • New Places Page - A new places page have also designed which lists all the places mentioned in The Thundermans.
    • An updated Superpowers page will also be released soon by Algorithmz, look out for the next technical update by Algorithmz.

2. Navigation bar changes

  • The navigation bar has been updated with a new 'Explore' tab to include the new pages!


If you have any enquiries or encounter any bugs regarding the new pages, feel free to leave a message on my Message Wall!

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