Technical Updates - April 13

Here are the latest technical updates for The Thundermans Wiki. Keep in mind that our wiki updates happen often. Also note that we change many tiny details constantly, so these are just the highlights.

New Features

  • New Welcome Message - We released a new welcome message! To learn more about that, go to We love your feedback so make sure to comment!
  • Discord Server - We've released a Discord server and we're wanting some beta testers (outside of our admins). To join the Discord Server, go to pWbmKrn.
Please note: We will still keep the Chat feature and soon our wiki chat will become more active with new mods.
  • Portable Community: Our community is now officially portable! What does portable mean? Well, it means that all of our content will adapt to any screen (whether it be a 20" monitor or a 5" cellphone, all elements will all adapt to the screen). See something that is not portable? Contact Algorithmz immediately so he can fix it. :D

Other Notable Changes

  • Removal of Achievements - We have removed Achievements prior to the announcement with said that Achievements has become deprecated.
  • Fandom & Nick Mainpage Footer Retired - The Nickelodeon and Fandom footers have been retired and will no longer be displayed on this wiki (effective April 7th, 2017).
  • All Forums Archived - All Forums have been archived and are ready for the transferral process whenever Fandom decides to do that. To adapt before most older wikis adapted, we have created a newer method of contact which is via. Discussions


If you have noticed any bugs on the wiki, please let Algorithmz know. He should be able to fix them by the next update. :D

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