Up, Up, and Vacay! is the nineteenth episode of Season 1 of The Thundermans and the nineteenth overall. It premiered on May 31, 2014 to 1.60 million viewers.



When the family can’t agree on where to go for their dream vacation, they enter a competition as two different teams, boys vs. girls, with the winners getting to decide.

Full Plot

After their first year living with norms in Hiddenville, the Thundermans are in need of a vacation. Max and Phoebe reveal that their school is hosting a family competition in which the winning family gets a chance to go on their dream vacation.

Unfortunately, the family can't agree on where to go for their dream-vacation. Phoebe wants to go to a castle while Max wants to go to the beach. So, they hold a family vote to see who wants to go to the beach and who wants the castle. Phoebe, Barb and Nora vote for the castle. Hank and Max choose the beach. Billy is undecided but since is easily convinced by the boys to join the boys' side. Needless to say, it becomes a boys vs girls competition. The only resolution is to compete against each other and the winning team gets to decide.

The competitions begin. Max uses his powers and Phoebe calls him out for cheating but Hank says that the goal is to win by any means necessary. So, it turns into a super-powered competition. When Phoebe almost gets hurt, she takes advantage of that and fakes a serious injury. Hank goes to check on her, but Phoebe steals the ball from Hank, and the girls win. Max calls out Phoebe for lying but Phoebe reminds him that they're to win by any means necessary. After losing the game, the boys say that they will not join the girls at the gaming competitions at school.

On the game day, Phoebe, Nora and Barb go to register, but they're told that The Thundermans have already registered. It turns out Max and Hank went early to register. Max had also registered Phoebe's team as the second placements. Principal Bradford is in charge of the competitions and complains about how he has nothing else to do or family or friends. The two Thundermans team express a lot of rivalry during the games but at the end of the day, both teams make it to the finals the following day.

Back at home that evening, the tension between the Thundermans boys and girls intensifies (mainly Max and Hank vs Phoebe and Barb). They refuse to share table, food or anything. This hurts Billy and Nora because they always eat together and play together. Billy talks to Hank and Max into being nice to the rest of the family. Nora talks to Barb and Phoebe about it as well. So, Phoebe and Barb agree to let the boys win the following day.

During the finals, the girls' team works hard to lose to the boys' team during the obstacle course but it becomes almost impossible because the boys' team is also trying to lose to the girls' team as well. In the end, they realize that caring about family is more important than winning the stupid competition. So, they work together to win as a family to defeat the Petersons family that was getting so close to them.

At the finish line, Nora's Bow falls off ahead of the line. So, the Thundermans win. They agree to decide rationally where to go, but Nora says that her bow one, so she gets to decide. They go to the castle.

Alternate Ending

Realizing that the Petersons are really close behind them, Hank throws Max across the finish line, and the family wins. They try to decide rationally, but Max says that he probably broke a rib by falling across the finish line. They go to a beach.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Marcus Folmar as Paul Peterson
  • Johari Johnson as Paula Peterson
  • Thomas F. Evans as The Irishman


  • The Thundermans have a real family game night in He Got Game Night.
  • Principal Bradford continues to complain about hating his life in future episodes.
  • The Thunderman Family was once again seen unable to agree on a vacation spot in Thunder in Paradise, before they decided to go to Hawaii.
  • The competitive nature of the family is a recurring theme in future episodes, although it is mainly between Phoebe and Max or Barb and Hank.


  • This is part of Choose Your Own Ending Night.
  1. Ending # 1 - Nora's bow hits the the finish line first as everyone falls just before the line. They go see the castles.
  2. Ending # 2 - Hank throws Max across the finishline. They go to the beach as their vacation.
  • This episode scored 1.6 million viewers.
  • First time Phoebe is seen wearing sneakers.
  • Phoebe mentions The Hunger Games when Nora is trying to sneak garlic bread to Billy in the garage..
  • The "Thunderball" game is also a parody of the 1965 James Bond film of the same name


Paul Peterson: "Well, if we didn't win at least this nice family did"
Paula Peterson: "Give it up Paul!"
— Paul and Paula Peterson

Max: “Come to Maxy!”

(Takes the Thunderball with telekinesis)

Barb “Lights out, Maxy!”

(Uses electricity to make it dark)

— Max and Barb during the Thunderball


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The Thundermans and Haunted Hathaways Choose Your Own Ending Promo