Unnamed Characters are onscreen-credited figures appearing in The Thundermans without a separate article of their own elsewhere. They are listed here in order of their appearances.

Season 1

Adventures in Supersitting

Birthday Boy

The birthday boy was a boy who had a party but the Thunder Man that they hired could not make it. Hank pretended to be Thunder Man so he can make people happy. The birthday boy's friend he was a party entertainer instead of a superhero. When a kid asks him to fly he just falls over and they're satisfied that the Thunder Man can fly. Barb worries that Hank is too careless and could easily expose them. Luckily, no one thinks he's the real Thunder Man.

Phoebe vs. Max


The photographer was a man who took the children's pictures for picture day at school. When Phoebe got covered in cheese and chocolate, Phoebe wanted him to take it again. Luckily, for Phoebe she persuaded the photographer to take it again, but she got covered in chocolate. The photographer said he was not going to take it again.

Delivery Guy

The delivery guy delivered live crickets itching powder, radioactive waste and more to Max so he can prank her. This worries Phoebe.

Report Card

School Record Clerk

The School Record Clerk is a person who kept all of the school's grade and record. Max said to challenge her to a alphabet skills. While she was organizing the folders, Max changed his scores to all A's.

Math Teacher/Host

The Math Teacher is a guest character on The Thundermans who was calling the math questions.


The Arith-mo-tick was a person who dances if they get them right. Max and Phoebe's team kept on getting the question's correct which made him dance every time. He got tired easily.

Ditch Day

Dancer #1

The Dancer #1 was a person who was dancing on the dance floor.

Dancer #2

The Dancer #2 was a dancer who was dancing at Hiddenville High.

This Looks Like a Job For...

Boy at Competition

The boy at competition was a person who was at the Cup Stacking Competition Tournament.

Speed Stacker

The speed stacking was a person who was really fast at cup stacking.

Weird Science Fair

Science Fair Judge #1

The science fair judge #1 was a judge at Hiddenville Elementary School.

Science Fair Judge #2

The science fair judge #2 was the second judge at Hiddenville Elementary School.

Book Club Member

The book club member was a person who was apart of Barb's book club.

Phoebe's a Clone Now

Huge Guy

The Huge Guy in this episode was a person who got angry because he thought he was throwing books at him. He got more angrier.

Have an Ice Birthday

Sensei Kenney

The sensei was a sensei who was in this episode. Max wanted to have Mrs. Wong back but the sensei did not allow him. Phoebe pretended to be the chosen one so she can get the frozen Mrs. Wong.

Paging Dr. Thunderman

Dean Bartholet

Dean Bartholet was a headteacher at the girls school. Nora pretends to a good so she persuade the head teacher for her to join the prestigious girls school. She speaks fluent french which impresses Dean Bartholet.


The nurse was a person who past by with a needle which made Max to faint.

Snooty Girl

The snooty girl was mocking when Nora had a stain on her t-shirt. She said that she will never make it it to the girls school.

Mole Patient

The Mole Patient was a person who the young doctors were learning to get the mole of him.

Season 2

Cheer and Present Danger

Harmony Club Member # 1

The Harmony Club Member #1 was a person who made the harmony club to get out of gym.

Harmony Club Member #2

The Harmony Club Member #2 was a person who joined the harmony club to get out of gym.

Harmony Club Member #3

The Harmony Club Member #3 was a person who joined the harmony club to get out of gym.

Change of Art

Art Teacher

The Art Teacher was a person who was teaching Hiddenville High. She loved when Max did art. When Phoebe did art, she complimented her that she always comes on time.

Art Class Student

The Art Class Student was a person who was in the art teacher's classroom.

Winter Thunderland

Ghost of Christmas Past

The Ghost of Christmas Past was an alternate version of Phoebe. She showed Max that in Metroburg he was the reason they had to Hiddenville.

Ghost of Christmas Present

The Ghost of Christmas Present was a alternate version of Phoebe. She showed what was going to be their Christmas. And showed that Nora would be devastated. This gives Max the idea to take everyone's Christmas.

Ghost of Christmas Future

The Ghost of Christmas Future was another alternate version of Phoebe. She showed Max what her family would be like in the future. Max liked how her family was but, he did not realize that Max had turn into a bunny. And Nora lived in the former Thunder man Home.

Mall Time Crooks

Mall Cop

The Mall Cop was the person who banned Phoebe and Max for life because Phoebe took a Sarah Finn outfit without paying and Max was stealing money from the wishing fountain.


The Masseur was massaging Mr. Hollister. She had to chase after her money.

Call of Lunch Duty

Wrestling Announcer

The wrestling announcer was the person who was announcing the wrestlers.

A Hero Is Born

Cutest Baby Judge

The Cutest Baby Judge was a judge who decided if the babies were the cutest. Nora enters the competition, but she does not win it and she gets angry about it.

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