Tyler is a student at Hiddenville High. He is portrayed by David Burrus.


Tyler is introduced in Report Card as one of the members of Sarah's group of smart students. He's friends with Sarah and Evan as well as Phoebe Thunderman. From the group, Tyler (along with Ashley) is the only one in the group who remains in Phoebe's Math Bowl team (Algebrats) after Max takes over Sarah and Evan to his team. Ashley is uncomfortable working with him because he keeps sneezing.

In This Looks Like a Job For..., Tyler interviews to work at Wong's Pizza Palace against the Thunder Twins. Mrs. Wong likes Tyler's idea best and hires him along with Phoebe. Unfortunately, Tyler's sneezing causes him to be fired instantly. Mrs. Wong gives the job to Max.

In Thundersense, Tyler tries to help a lunch lady with a cart but the lunch lady gets mad at him for thinking she couldn't handle it. This causes the cart to roll down the stairs and almost hit a girl. Luckily, Phoebe detects it with her Thundersense and saves the girl. Tyler joins the rest of the school in cheering for Phoebe as a hero.

During the class project in The Girl with the Dragon Snafu, Tyler and the rest of Sarah's group are upset when Phoebe ditches them. Max joins their team instead but Tyler and Evan are uncomfortable because they don't trust Max despite Sarah's obsession with him.


Tyler is very smart as seen in multiple episodes. He is considered nerdy by other people, especially Max. He is almost always sneezing.

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