Thunderverse is the fictional universe where The Thundermans takes place.


In this universe, superpowers are real and therefore superheroes and supervillains are real. The Thundermans use "supes" and "non-supes" to distinguish between people with superpowers and those without. Supes keep their powers a secret from normal people.

Barb and Hank Thunderman used to be heroes in Metroburg but retired and moved to Hiddenville to raise their children through a normal life. However, Phoebe is actively training to become a superhero.

Connected Universes

Haunted Hathaways Universe

The Haunted Thundermans crossover connected the Thundermans universe to the Haunted Hathaways universe. Thunderman is a popular superhero in the Haunted Hathaways. Miles is a big fan of Thunderman. This crossover also reveals that ghosts are real in the Thunderverse.

Henry Danger Universe

The Danger & Thunder crossover connects Thundermans universe to the Henry Danger universe where Phoebe, Captain Man and Henry Danger join forces to battle villains. This also means that Captain Man is a superhero in the Thunderverse just like The Thundermans are, and he knows Thunder Man.

100 Things To Do Before High School

In the 100 Things universe, Thundermans is a TV show as we see CJ Martin watching it in the episode "Find Your Super Power Thing."

Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn

In NRDD unverse, Thundermans is a TV show as revealed in the special, "Go Hollywood" where the Harper quad fangirls over Jack Griffo for being Max Thunderman.

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