Thundertanium is the strongest metal in the world and appeared in the television series, The Thundermans. It is named after the strongest superhero, Hank Thunderman. The metal is so strong that even Hank himself can't break through it. Thundertanium is used mainly in Hero League prisons to prevent prisoners from escaping.


  • Max's Lair is reinforced with Thundertanium, making it impossible for anyone to get in or out when the lair is under lockdown.
  • Max used Thundertanium to reinforce the ceiling in Blue Detective, causing Hank to fall when he tried to fly through the ceiling.
  • In No Country for Old Mentors, it was revealed that the Hero League prison is protected using Thundertanium.
  • When trying to hide from evil Harris Evilman in Patch Me If You Can, Max and Phoebe hid in a room with a Thundertanium door.
  • In It's Not What You Link, Nora and Billy discovered a hidden room protected with Thundertanium wall, which made escape impossible.
  • In Aunt Misbehavin', the Thundermans locked themselves inside Max's Lair using Thundertanium to hide from Aunt Mandy.
  • In Smells Like Team Spirit, Max locked himself in his lair with the Thundertanium doors for a whole day to escape from Phoebe's tough Z-Force training schedule.
  • In Come What Mayhem, Max revealed that he had used a Thundertanium casing for his stink bomb prank and needs to disable it before it goes off during the Supe Awards but the only thing that can disable it is an electro-plasma blast.
  • In Nowhere to Slide, Dr. Colosso traps Max, Billy and Hank in Max's slide using Thundertanium so they can't escape.