This page is about the Thundersense superpower. For the episode with the same name, see Thundersense

Thundersense is a super power used by the Thunderman Family to sense danger. It is first shown on the episode, Thundersense. You get the Thundersense as you grow older. Hank, Barb, Phoebe and Max all have Thundersense. However, Thunder Kids, Nora and Billy, have not earned it yet. The power can be misleading when the danger is coming from multiple sources. So, the user needs to be very careful.

Notable Uses

  • Phoebe used Thundersense to save a girl at school in Thundersense, making everyone treat her as a hero.
  • When Billy got stuck on the roof, Phoebe sensed he was in danger and came to save him.
  • Max used the power to save himself from being hit by Billy and Nora, revealing that he had the power too.

Thundersense Users

  • Phoebe Thunderman: Phoebe is the third person to get her Thundersense. The first was Hank, the second was Barb.
  • Max Thunderman: Max got his Thundersense later after Billy and Nora almost hit a ball on Max's face.
  • Barb Thunderman: Even though we do not see Barb use her Thundersense she stated she got her Thundersense when she was 17.
  • Hank Thunderman: Hank got his Thundersense when he was 12. He was the youngest to get this power.


  • Thundersense was seen in only one episode and has never been seen or mentioned again in any other episode.