The Thunderman Family is the central family in the television series, The Thundermans. It is a family of superheroes from Metroburg living a normal suburban life in Hiddenville.


Relatives of The Thundermans


Family History

Barb and Hank met at a party in Metroburg back before Barb became Electress. After their first kiss, Barb's Electrokinesis got activated, leading to electric sparks. Literally. After realizing that they both had superpowers, they started fighting crime and saving the world together. During their wedding, Dr. Colosso turned them into goats as a revenge for stopping him from forcefully holding a wedding at the Oval Office. The Hero League found a way to turn them back into humans, after which Hank and Barb went after Dr. Colosso and turned him into a pet bunny.

While still fighting crime in Metroburg, Barb and Hank were blessed with twins, Phoebe and Max. They were later blessed with Billy and Nora. Raising the four kids while saving the world proved to be a difficult task for the family. So, they started considering retiring and living a normal life. On one Christmas, Max gave them coal for Christmas as an act of rebellion. However, Hank used his Super Strength to turn the coal into diamond, giving them enough money to retire and leave the superhero life[1]. With the help of the Hero League, they bought a house in Hiddenville and decided to lead a normal life by keeping their superpowers a secret.

As part of keeping their secret, the Thundermans had a no-supes rule which prevented any of them from inviting their friends over. However, the rule was removed in Dinner Party when the kids proved that they can manage to go without using superpowers when there are guests around.

In 2015, the Thundermans were blessed with a baby girl, Chloe Thunderman. On that same day, Max got kidnapped by villains after taking Dr. Colosso to a Villains League award ceremony. This led to the Thundermans secret being exposed to Cherry since Phoebe needed to have someone take care of Chloe while she saves Max. Cherry kept the Thundermans secret for a year before the whole family got exposed in Thundermans: Secret Revealed. In an attempt to stop Phoebe from becoming ThunderGirl, Dark Mayhem enlisted Max to help him take down Phoebe but Max eventually chose the right side and the Thundermans fought together to stop Dark Mayhem.

After their secret was revealed, the Thundermans generated a lot of buzz in Hiddenville and became the center of attention, in Thundermans: Banished. This led to more harm than good, putting the city in danger. Billy and Nora caused a fanwar during ThunderCon while Max and Phoebe destroyed Hiddenville arguing over which powers to use. This angered the Hero League, forcing President Kickbutt to banish the Thundermans to the Antarctica. However, when Max and Phoebe realized that Hiddenville was in danger, they risked losing their powers just to save the city. As a result, Kickbutt allowed the Thundermans to live in Hiddenville and tricked Hiddenville people into thinking that she had taken away the Thundermans powers. Cherry is the only non-supe who knows the truth.

Since then, the Thundermans have continued to live a double life in Hiddenville.

Notes and Trivia

  • They are a family of superheros and have superpowers.
  • They work for the Hero League.
  • Cherry was the first human to know their secret.
  • They are all very competitive and always do everything they can to win (except Billy).
    • Hank once has admitted several times that he's not afraid to compete with his kids. In Cape Fear, he even tried to sabotage Billy and Nora from breaking his camping record.
    • Barb electrocuted Nora and Billy in Stealing Home so that she can win the commercial.
    • Phoebe and Max compete against each other and the rest of the family in almost everything they do.
    • Nora doesn't hesitate to laser anyone who stands in her way of getting what she wants.
  • They are all scared of Nora
  • They're all sloppy eaters:


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