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The Thunder Van is Hank's old super hero van. It makes its first appearance in Thunder Van.



The Thunder Van

The Thunder Van is Hank and Barb's superhero van. Hank used to fight crime, whilst in Metroburg when he was a superhero, Thunder Man. Before the Thundermans Family moved to Hiddenville, it was in storage in Metroburg.

Season 2

Thunder Van

Hank flew to Metroburg to get the Thunder Van for Phoebe so she can take training for the Hero University. While Phoebe studies for the Hero University Early Admission Test, Max tries to hack into the van so he could take it for a joyride. Max figured out the password was Hamburger. When Max got in, he found Phoebe inside. Max manages to convince Phoebe that they should take the Thunder Van on a joyride. When they go to Mini Munchies, they get the following: turkey legs and drinks. Suddenly, the Thunder Twins hear a loud burp, which came from Billy and Nora. They realized that Billy and Nora snuck into the Thunder Van too. Max, Phoebe and Nora start arguing. Billy continuously kept on pressing the distress button, mistakenly thought it meant the stress in the van would settle.

Meanwhile, Hank finds out that the Thunder Van has been taken. He thinks that villains had followed him from Metroburg and stole it. He contacts the tech support from the Hero League. In the Thunder Van, the Thunder Kids think they are going to die because Hank was controlling it. To mess with the villain, who were really the Thunder Kids, Hank makes the Thunder Van feel like it's inside a volcano or the bottom of the ocean. Max, Billy and Nora think that Phoebe should save them because she knows everything about being a superhero. Phoebe confesses to Max, Billy and Nora that she was going to take the Thunder Van to watch the movie with her friends. She acknowledges that being a superhero is harder than she thought. She admittingly said that she wants to finish high school and take it slow before becoming a hero. Without realizing, Hank and Barb listen to everything Phoebe says. Before the Thunder Van launches into space, Phoebe and Max work together to get themselves, Billy and Nora out of the Thunder Van so the Thunder Van won't go to space with them inside.

The Thunder Van ended up landing in the ocean and Hank contrives on getting the Thunder Van out of the ocean. The Thunder Van ended up working the same as a result of the Thunderman Family were capable of

A Hero Is Born

Barb and Hank were going to take the Thunder Van to the Hero League hospital but Barb's power surge gets stronger and zaps the Thunder Van. This means that they could not get to the hospital in time because the self-repair would take 1 hour.

When Phoebe finds out that Max has been kidnapped by villains, Phoebe is the only one left that could save him so she takes the Thunder Van to Metroburg but realized she couldn't take Chloe with her. Luckily, Cherry is sulking on the porch, which gave Phoebe to ask if she could look after baby Chloe. Phoebe begs Cherry and she was left wondering where Phoebe was going. Phoebe gives Cherry the baby regardless and runs into the Thunder Van. She asks the Thunder Van to take her to Metroburg. When the Thunder Van drives past Cherry, Phoebe asks the Thunder Van to stop so she could let her in. In the Thunder Van, Phoebe tells Cherry the family secret.

Season 3

Thundermans: Secret Revealed

After Dark Mayhem finds the Thundermans' Home, Hank told the rest of the family, excluding the Thunder Twins, they have to go to Hiddenville Museum, where the prom was being held, to warn Phoebe that Dark Mayhem and his associates are coming.

Season 4

Mad Max: Beyond Thunderhome

Hank uses the feature of the Thunder Van moving by itself to bring it back to the Thundermans' driveway since Hiddenville keeps on giving Hank parking tickets.


  • Distress Button
  • Hyper Fast
  • Rocket Mode

Episode Appearances

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4


  • The password is "Hamburger".
  • Inside the Thunder Van, it could make hamburgers.
  • The Thunder Van is disguised a "Hank's Fine Meat's" truck so the people in Hiddenville won't get suspicious.
  • It is likely a modified Mercedes Sprinter Van.
  • Between Thundermans: Secret Revealed to Mad Max: Beyond Thunderhome, the Thunder Van had been residing in Hiddenville, but not in the driveway.