This page is about the van. For the episode with the same name, see Thunder Van

The Thunder Van is Hank's old super hero van. It makes it's first appearance in Thunder Van.



The Thunder Van

The Thunder Van is Hank's car from being a superhero. He used it to fight crime in it.

Season 2

Thunder Van

Hank flied to Metroburg to get the Thunder Van for Phoebe so she can take training for the Hero University. While Phoebe studies for the Hero University, Max tries to hack into the van. Max figured out the password was Hamburger. Max said he wanted to take it for a joyride. They even eat turkey legs and drinks to eat in the Thunder Van. Suddenly, the Thunder Twins hear a loud burp. They realized Billy and Nora were in the Thunder Van too. Max, Phoebe and Nora start arguing. Billy continuously kept on pressing the distress button.

Hank finds out that the Thunder Van. He thinks that villains had taken it. He contacts the tech support from the Hero League. Meanwhile, in the Thunder Van the Thunder Kids think they are going to die. Max, Billy and Nora think that Phoebe should save them because she knows everything of being a superhero. Phoebe confesses to Max, Billy and Nora that she was going to take the Thunder Van to watch the Movie with her friends. She confesses that being a superhero is harder than she thought. She said that she wants to finish high school and take it slow before coming a hero. Hank and Barb listen to everything Phoebe says. Phoebe and Max got a plan to get out of the Thunder Van before it launches into space.

A Hero Is Born

Hank said that the Thunder Van will get their in time to the Hero League hospital. Barb's power surge gets stronger and zaps the Thunder Van. This means that they could not get to the hospital in time.

When Cherry is sulking on the porch, Phoebe said that she can look after baby Chloe. Phoebe begs Cherry and later on she said to the secret store to buy more secrets. Phoebe gives Cherry the baby regardless and runs into the Thunder Van. She asks the Thunder Van to take her to Metroburg. Phoebe tells the Thunder Van to stop. And she lets Cherry in. Phoebe tells her secret to Cherry.

Season 3

Thundermans: Secret Revealed

After Dark Mayhem tries to get in to the Thundermans Home, Hank says that they have to warn Phoebe by taking the Thunder Van.


  • Distress Button
  • Hyper Fast
  • Rocket Mode

Episode Appearances

Season 2

Season 3


  • The password is "Hamburger".
  • It can make hamburgers
  • The Thunder Van is disguised a "Hank's Fine Meat's" truck.
  • It is likely a modified Mercedes Sprinter Van

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