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Welcome to the New Thundermans Wikia! This wiki is an informational database for all things regarding The Thundermans. Here, you can find all information about The Thundermans including Characters, Episodes, Images, and etc. Don't forget to visit the guidelines before editing.

| Characters
Learn More about the main character of The Thundermans!
Thundermans-character large 332x363 phoebe Phoebe
Thundermans-character large 332x363 max Max
Thundermans-character large 332x363 noraa Nora
Thundermans-character large 332x363 billy Billy
Untitled 2 Chloe
Thundermans-character large 332x363 barb Barb
Thundermans-character large 332x363 hankk Hank
Thundermans-character large 332x363 dr-colosso Dr. Colosso

| Featured Articles


| Cherry

Featured Recurring Teen

Cherry is Phoebe's best friend and has always been there for Phoebe from the beginning. She may not be the smartest but she is fun and a great friend. She was the first non-supe to find out the Thundermans' secret.


President Kickbutt

| President Kickbutt

Featured Recurring Adult

Super President Kickbutt is the president of the Hero League. She often contacts the Thundermans for Hero League related matters.



| Splatburger

Favorite Hangout Place

Splatburger is a restaurant in Hiddenville most known for use of tubes to deliver foods to the tables. It is a frequent hangout place for the Thunder Twins and their friends. Splatburger is currently owned by Mrs. Wong



| Telekinesis

Featured Superpower

Telekinesis is the ability to move objects using one's mind without a direct physical contact with the object. Both Max and Phoebe Thunderman have Telekinesis as one of their superpowers.



Latest Episode

May Z-Force Be With You


March 4, 2017 20:00:00 EST ago

| New Season, New Look

The Thundermans Wiki has just released it's new theme and home page change. We are so excited to continue with the changes that are being done by our Technical & Design Team. This wiki is for all Thunderfans and we can't wait to help more.

Please be reminded that this wiki is still going through it's Beta Testing Phase. If any coding problems occur, contact our Technical & Design Team (Disnickfanatic or IBigTimeFan101). They should assist you if necessary.


| Community Management and Support Team


| Disnickfanatic

Senior Director


| ArietteFans

Support Team Member

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