The Thunderman's House is the home of the Thunderman's family. It's a house located in the suburbs in the fictional town of Hiddenville.

The Thunderman's House has a Thunder Monitor which in alerts them when visitors are approaching. This helps them prepare for the non-supes by switching the family portrait from their superhero one to the normal family photo to avoid exposing their identity.


The Thundermans bought the house after moving to Hiddenville to live a normal life. At first Hank and Barb did not allow non-supes from entering the house.

Adventures in Supersitting

  • Max and Phoebe invited Cherry into the house but the kids exposed their powers to her. So, the "no non-supes" rule stayed.
  • Max's Lair and the swirly slide are introduced in this episode.
  • It is revealed that Hank has made a lot of holes in the ceiling because he always flies out through the ceiling, dropping ceiling pieces on the floor. This is shown in many other episodes.

Dinner Party

  • After the kids proved that they can host non-superheroes in the house without exposing their powers, Barb and Hank lifted the rule so that they can invite non-supes in the house.

The Weekend Guest

  • Phoebe's bedroom is shown for the first time.

Nothing to Lose Sleepover

Four Supes and a Baby

  • Nora and Billy destroy a lot of property in the house playing laser tags.

The Amazing Rat Race

  • There is a secret storage section in the kitchen island where the Animalizer was stored.the storage section is opened by pulling on the can of Brussels sprout in the cabinet.

It's Not What You Link

  • Hank's secret man-cave in the house is shown for the first time.

Original Prankster

  • Max revealed to Allison that he has set up traps all over the house in case his family turned against him.
  • Max hid Wolfgang in the house so that he doesn't get deported.
  • Principal Bradford visited the Thundermans House for the first time.

Stealing Home

  • Phoebe and Hank found all their furniture missing after Chainsaw took it for his new coffee shop.

Come What Mayhem

  • The Thundermans' secret weapon vault is hidden in the living room fire place.
  • There is a secret Thunder-copter in the attic.

Current Residents


Known Rooms

  • Max's Lair a.k.a. Bedroom
  • Living Room
  • Kitchen
  • Backyard
    • Team Head Quarter (destroyed)
  • Phoebe's Bedroom
  • Hank/Barbs' Bedroom
  • Billy/Nora's room
  • Chloe's Bedroom (previously Billy's room)
  • Upstairs Closet (Has Secret Entrance to Hank's Man-Cave)
  • Hank's Man-Cave (panic room)


  • As the TV remote suggests, the Thunderman House has Direct TV.
  • The house is similar to Tori Vega's house from Victorious.