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This article is a transcript of the Thundermans episode "The Neverfriending Storyfrom season two, which aired on February 24, 2015.
  • [scene opens with Max, Oyster, Gideon laughing in the living room. Phoebe, Cherry, and Kelsey enter. The boys and the girls glare at each other]
  • Max: What are you doing here?
  • Phoebe: We're gonna watch a movie.
  • Max: Not on that couch. Oyster, launch mode. [Max and Oyster grab Gideon]
  • Gideon: What's launch mode? [screams as they throw Gideon on the couch] Ow! You could've just called dibs.
  • Max: Looks like you girls are gonna have to watch TV somewhere else. 
  • Phoebe: Hmm, you boys may have the couch, but we have the remote. [turns on the TV]
  • Max: Keep the remote. We're out of here. My friends do not want to hang out with your friends. [Gideon, Oyster, Cherry, and Kelsey are sitting on the couhc, watching TV]
  • The Four: Shh!
  • Man on TV: From the akers of Werewolf Hurricane and Vampire Twister comes a supernatural storm that no one could forecast: Zombie Rain 3D.
  • The Four: Ohhh!
  • Oyster: I so wanna see that.
  • Cherry: Me too. Some girl we go to school with saw it and she's had nightmares ever since. 
  • Phoebe: Uh, that was me.
  • Kelsey: Hey, we should all go tonight.
  • Oyster: Oh, sweetious!
  • Max: Not sweetious. Phoebe, I've seen the movie, I've seen your friends, I'm not a fan of neither.
  • Phoebe: Trust me, none of you guys should go. Some girl got pink eye from the 3D Glasses. [the four look at Phoebe] Yes, that was also me.
  • Cherry: Hey, there's a 7:00 showing.
  • Gideon: That's perfect. I have an early cricket match tomorrow. [Cherry, Oyster, and Kelsey look at him] You heard me. [they exit]
  • Max: Did you see that? We cant have our friends hagning out together. We already share everything else. A couch, a house, a family, a birthday; you're everywhere!
  • Phoebe: It's just a movie.
  • Max: No, today it's a movie, but then, we become a group. Next thing you know, we're finding out who has the longest arms so we can take a group selfie!
  • Phoebe: It's always me.
  • Max: Is that what you want, Phoebe? For you and I to be part of the same group forever?
  • [Max and Phoebe imagine when them and the guys are older, playing bingo]
  • Old Phoebe: B-12.
  • Old Oyster: Bingo! Sweetious! [high-fives Old Kelsey]
  • Old Cherry: Hey, Longarms, come over here and take a group selfie. [dream ends]
  • Phoebe: This has to stop! Now we're even sharing nightmares!
  • [theme song]

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