I'm a bad bad bunny.

— Dr. Colosso

The Girl with the Dragon Snafu is the twenty-third episode of Season 2 of the series The Thundermans.


Phoebe joins the cool group for a class project on China only to find out that they're not interested in working as hard as her. Max joins Phoebe's usual group and tries to take a free ride while the rest do all the work. Billy and Nora try to prove to their parents that they're just as good as them in taking care of the house.


Main Plot

Max Manipulates Phoebe 2

In class, Phoebe and Max are studying Chinese culture. Mrs. Austin asks the class to break into groups for their class projects on Chinese culture. Max tells Phoebe that he loves group projects because he doesn't do anything. He wonders which group to join. He considers joining Phoebe's "nerds" group. Max starts making fun of Phoebe but Phoebe tells him to call them whatever he wants. There's no other group she'd rather be in.

Phoebe Joins Winnie Lee's Team

Phoebe joins Winnie Lee's Team

Phoebe is ready to join her usual group of Sarah, Evan and Tyler. But then she is torn when the popular girl Winnie Lee finally asks her to join her group with other popular girls, Sabrina and Emma. Max manipulates Phoebe by whispering into her face until she finally chooses Winnie's team. Sarah is disappointed that Phoebe ditched them for the popular girls. However, Max takes Phoebe's spot in Sarah's team, which makes Sarah even happier. Phoebe apologizes to Sarah but she doesn't take it kindly.

Max in Sarah's Team

Max tells Sarah that he is excited to be part of her group. He then walks away. Sarah forces him to come back. She asks Max to take this project as serious as Sarah takes their forbidden love. Max agrees. Sarah asks Max for his project idea but Max manipulates Sarah to say what she wants after which Max says they were thinking the same thing. He even calls Sarah babe and pretends to love her. They agree to do Sarah's Chinese Dragon idea.

Phoebe Tries to Get Winnie's Team to Focus

Meanwhile, Phoebe tries to get her group to focus on their project but they're all on their phones. She suggests meeting at the library but Sabrina asks if that's the new opened place. Winnie then concludes that Phoebe is right - they should all meet at the mall. Phoebe gets mad because that's not what she said.

Max Slacking Off

A few days later, Sarah's group is working on their Chinese Dragon project outside the Thunderman's garage. Max sits in a comfortable chair where he asks the rest of the group to refill his drinks. Evan and Tyler are concerned that Max isn't doing anything. Sarah goes to confront him but after getting closer, she admits that it's getting hot and she wouldn't mind if Max wore a tank top. Phoebe arrives from the mall and congratulates Sarah's group on their good work. Sarah asks her if she thought they wouldn't be able to do it without her. But, she explains that she thought Max would have dragged them down. Sarah asks Phoebe how her group is doing and Phoebe lies to her that they're working really hard. But then Winnie comes to drop off Phoebe's clothes that she bought during their shopping at the mall. Phoebe feels embarrassed that they haven't started the project.

Sarah asks Max to put the dragon back into the house after it dries before it rains. Tyler suggests they should come back and do it themselves. But Sarah doesn't like their distrust of Max. Would someone with dimples you can swim in let them down? Max agrees to do it. It starts raining later at night and Dr. Colosso wonders if he should tell Max that the paper dragon is still outside. Max wakes up, wonders if there's something he's forgetting but Colosso tells him to go back to bad. Colosso praises himself for being a bad bad bunny.

Phoebe Rejected by Sarah

With one day left before project presentations, Phoebe tells her group of the ideas she came with that they could do overnight and still get an A. But the girls tell her that they only want to get a C. She tries to get them to meet but they give fake excuses. For example, Sabrina lies that she has to babysit her baby brother - but she's an only child. Busted! Phoebe stands up to them and forces them to put some effort or else she can't work with them. They agree. To let her go. After Winnie, Sabrina and Emma kick Phoebe out of the group, she tries to get into Sarah's group but Sarah refuses.

Phoebe and Mrs. Austin

Phoebe and Mrs. Austin

Phoebe tells Mrs. Austin that she had a little snafu with her group and now she has to go solo. Mrs. Austin reminds her that part of the project is to test her ability to work with a group. So, she will fail the assignment. Meanwhile, Sarah's group comes in shouting at Max after discovering that he left the dragon outside all night. Max takes off his shirt and wears a tank top to show Sarah his muscles to distract her. Tyler and Evan take off Sarah's glasses. Now she can't see anything. But the truth. Sarah stands up against Max and kicks him out of the group. She tells him that he's still allowed to date her but they can never work together again. After her powerful speech, she bumps into the door before getting her glasses back.

Phoebe Teamed up With Max

Phoebe teamed up with Max

Mrs. Austin watches the whole thing and realizes that Max's problem has solved Phoebe's issue. Phoebe thinks that Mrs. Austin will give her Max's spot in Sarah's group but instead asks Phoebe and Max to start their own group of two. Max asks Phoebe to get them at least a B and walks out. Phoebe gets angry.

Max Waiting for Phoebe to Crack
At home, Phoebe says she won't work on their project until Max helps. Max says he will stand and watch until she cracks. He starts eating apples, waiting for Phoebe to give in. After Max eating at least a dozen apples, Phoebe finally caves in and agrees to do the project for them. She is doing a project on Chinese food.

Phoebe's Speech
While making the Chinese food, Phoebe gives Max a very powerful speech about why he sucks. She says Max is not lazy looking for an easy A. He is just afraid to try. The only reason he wants to be a supervillain is because he couldn't be a better superhero than her. He thinks it's easier not to try than to try and fail. That should be his motto. Phoebe messes up her Chinese food and Max asks her to focus on the food instead of focusing on him. Phoebe sends Billy to super-speed to China and steal a Chinese dragon. She gives it to Sarah's group as an apology for ditching their group and letting Max ruin their project. During presentations, Winnie Lee presents about how her and Emma's and Sabrina's shoes and other items are all made in China. Mrs. Austin shuts them up. But she still gives them a C. Next up, Phoebe and Max's group but Max isn't there yet. Mrs. Austin asks her to present anyway.

Max and Phoebe Presenting Their Project

For their presentation, Phoebe takes out her Chinese egg rolls but messes up and drops them on the floor. She starts collecting them as she realizes that she is going to get an F. Then there's fireworks outside spelling out Chinese characters. Max enters the room and explains the use of fireworks in Chinese history. Max says that they worked on the fireworks project with Phoebe. At first Phoebe tries to deny it thinking that they will get in trouble for setting fireworks on school grounds. But when Mrs. Austin likes the project, Phoebe proudly takes credit. Max lies to Mrs. Austin that the Chinese characters spell Phoebe's idea, "It's better to try and fail than to not try at all." The Thunder Twins get an A.

Phoebe and Max Project

After the presentation Phoebe thanks Max for doing the right thing when it mattered most. She asks Max to tell her what the Chinese characters really mean. Max says that they mean, "Phoebe smells like a wet donkey." Clever! She gives him a dirty egg roll as payback.


Hank and Barb check their to do list for the things they need to do. Then Billy falls down a floorboard, remind the parents that they need to fix the floorboard. Nora then calls out the parents for being lazy. Hank adds "ground Nora for being sassy" to their to do list. The kids continue complaining and showing the parents the other things they haven't handled well. Nora challenges Barb and Hank that she and Billy can do a better job at running the house. The parents accept the challenge, only to prove to Billy and Nora that it's not as easy as they think.

Nora and Billy Serve Breakfast

The parents wake up the following morning to find that Nora and Billy have fixed the floorboard and even prepared breakfast. Barb and Hank discover that Billy and Nora have done way much more in the house in one day than they've ever done. They are scared of losing the challenge to Billy and Nora because they can't live in a world where the kids run the house. So, they result to sabotage the house until the kids give up. Barb and Hank start breaking everything in the house.

Life with Billy and Nora in Charge

When the parents finally admit they've lost the bet, Nora takes charge of the house and orders them to clear the house for a guinea pig farm. Billy feels guilty and confesses that they didn't actually do the work. They hired Hank's old friends from Metroburg to hide and do work around the house. Nora tries to stop Billy, but Billy calls out the helpers to step forward. The superheroes are Maid of Honor, Handyman, the Green Thumb and Iron Skillet. Nora claims that she doesn't know who they are.

Superheroes from Metroburg

Nora blames Billy for exposing their secret but Billy says he's just glad nobody got hurt.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Olivia Rose Keegan as Sabrina
  • Lisa Mason Lee as Maid of Honor
  • Juan Monsalvez as Iron Skillet
  • Troy Fromin as Handyman


  • Sarah finally gets the confidence to confront/question Max since her obsessive crush on him started in Report Card.
  • In Phoebe's speech to Max, she mentions that Max only decided to become a supervillain because he couldn't put in any effort to compete with her. This was first revealed in the early episode Phoebe vs. Max.
  • Phoebe had been trying to hang out with Winnie Lee in Parents Just Don't Thunderstand and Call of Lunch Duty.
  • Phoebe became a member of the Sarah's group in Report Card.
  • Mrs. Austin's class is seen again in Date Expectations where the project is Model U.N.
  • This is only the second time where Max has been shown to care about schoolwork. The other time was in Report Card, while competing in the Math Bowl.
  • This will be the last appearance of Sarah until she returns in Can't Hardly Date.


  • The name of the episode is based on the movie "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo".
  • Even though Max told Phoebe the Chinese characters from the fireworks spelt out "Phoebe smells like a wet donkey.", it actually spelt out "Phoebe is a mule".
  • This is the last episode not to have Chloe Thunderman.
  • This episode premiered during the Nick Stars Takeover which featured new episodes of Bella and the Bulldogs, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn, and The Thundermans, as well as the premiere of Make It Pop.


Sarah: How could you forget to put it inside of the garage?
Max: Well, I was going to, but (unzips jacket and reveals tank top) I was so tired from carrying around these muscles all day, I fell asleep.
Sarah: Well getting the proper amount of sleep is so important
Evan: Don't look at his muscles.
Max: (flexes his arms) He's right. Let them look at you(clicks tongue and flexes them some more).
Tyler: OK, Sarah, I'm taking off your glasses.
Sarah: Tyler, now I can't see anything...except the truth. Max, you're out of the group. You can still date me, but we are never working together again.
— Sarah's Group vs Max


Winnie Lee's Cool Group

Winnie Lee's Cool Group

Sarah's Group

Sarah's Group

Phoebe in Class
Phoebe and Sarah 2

Phoebe and Sarah

Max Manipulates Phoebe

Max manipulates Phoebe

Sarah Confronts Max

Sarah confronts Max

Phoebe Angry At Max

Phoebe angry after being teamed up with Max

Sabrina Busted

Sabrina busted