Teleportation is a superpower that allows the user to move from one place to another instantly without occupying the space inbetween. On the Thundermans, it is possible to teleport with other people by holding hands. Teleportation is used by Chloe Thunderman as her main power. Barb Thunderman can also teleport using her Electrokinesis.

Teleportation can also be achieved through technology. For example, the Hero League has teleportation devices that they use to teleport people. Hero League President Kickbutt has used teleportation technology to teleport Cherry, Simone and herself.

Notable Moments

  • In Who's Your Mommy, Electress teleported to save Max and Phoebe using her Electrokinesis
  • In Phoebe vs. Max: The Sequel, Chloe developed teleportation as her permanent power.
  • She then used teleportation to stop Billy from running away from taking his cure.
  • Chloe is constantly teleporting around in On The Straight And Arrow , causing Barb and Hank to get so exhausted that they think it's a Saturday when it is in fact a Thursday.
  • In Are You Afraid of the Park?, Chloe teleports Dr. Colosso to Panama to hide him from being confronted about selling illegal cereal.
  • Phoebe discovers that Chloe can teleport with other people and Max reveals that he's been using her to teleport all along.
  • The Thunder Twins ask Chloe to teleport them along with Billy and Nora to the parks.
  • In Patch Me If You Can, Chloe almost gets zapped by Nora's Heat Vision lasers when she teleports right when Nora is doing her trick shots.
  • In the same episode, Phoebe and Max got Chloe to teleport them to Harris Evilman's birthday party.
  • Chloe teleports Max to the North Pole to freeze him when Phoebe makes Max look bad in her story in Robin Hood: Prince of Pheebs. Phoebe later changes the ending of the story to convince Chloe to teleport Max back.
  • In Aunt Misbehavin', Chloe teleports Nora and Billy to the bakery to the bakery to get a replacement cake for Barb's birthday.
  • In Thundermans: Secret Revealed, Nora gets teleportation and uses it to sneak up on Fairy Pinch-ess.
  • In Thundermans: Banished!,Chloe teleports Max and Phoebe back to their former house to save thier friends and later (after Candi Falconman's Defeat) teleports Billy,Nora,Barb,and Hank back to their former house.

Teleportation Users


  • It's impossible to teleport when pinched by Fairy Pinch-ess's pinchy grip.

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