Telekinesis is a superpower that allows people to move or levitate objects without making physical contact with them.


  • Telekinetic Blast: Advanced users are capable of blasting telekinetic waves to stop someone.
    • Semi-Force Field Generation: Advanced users are capable of blasting multiple telekinetic waves consecutively and use it as a force field.
  • Molecular Manipulation: Advanced users are capable of manipulating molecules of an object to cause various effects.
    • Binding: Advanced users are capable of suspending things from movement.
    • Molecular Combustion/Explosion: Advanced users can combust molecules of an object.
  • Ergokinesis: Advanced users can move, stop, and manipulate energy. Telekinetics are not able to create it, though.


Telekinesis is one of the main powers of Phoebe and Max. It was first displayed in the series premiere when Phoebe used it to set the dinner table by moving silverware to the table.

Telekinetic waves are invisible to the human eye but can be detected by special scanners such as Thunder Monitor as seen in Cape Fear.

Max and Phoebe have an extra brain lobe that allows them to use telekinetic powers as mentioned in Paging Dr. Thundermans.

Notable Moments

Season 1

  • Phoebe used telekinesis to levitate Billy and Nora in front of Cherry in Adventures in Supersitting, causing Cherry to suspect she has superpowers.
  • During Math Bowl in Report Card, both Max and Phoebe used telekinesis to sabotage each other's team.
  • Phoebe used telekinesis in Nothing to Lose Sleepover to convince her friends that their "light as a feather" game was actually working.
  • Max used telekinesis in Pretty Little Choirs to deflect Veronica's spitball attacks on Phoebe.
  • In Breaking Dad, Max and Phoebe used telekinesis to make it look as if Hank was the one performing the chemistry demonstrations in class.

Season 2

  • When the Thunder Twins sneaked out to a party in Cape Fear, they saw a boy falling from a ladder. Phoebe used telekinesis to save him. Max took the blame for it and hence was nominated to receive the superhero cape.
  • In Doubles Trouble, Phoebe and Max used telekinesis to cheat in a tennis tournament.
  • Max dared Phoebe to use her powers in public in Meet the Evilmans and when she used her telekinesis, Link saw her.

Season 3

  • Both Max and Phoebe used telekinesis in On The Straight And Arrow to help Cherry cheat in her archery class.
  • In Are You Afraid of the Park?, Max and Phoebe used telekinesis to stir up trouble by making Billy and Nora think they were touching each other.
  • In Thundermans: Secret Revealed, Phoebe uses telekinesis to take the orb away from Max before taking away his powers.
  • In the same episode, the Thunder Twins fight for the orb by using telekinesis at the same time which keeps the orb suspended mid-air between them.

Season 4

  • In Smells Like Team Spirit, Max and Phoebe use telekinetic trust fall to save each other from hitting the ground after falling from their "team headquarters" tree house.
  • In order to distract Principal Bradford, Phoebe uses her telekinesis in 21 Dump Street to make a trash bin fall onto him.
  • In Super Dupers, when the twins help Gideon with telekinesis, they get tele-cramps.
  • In Thunder in Paradise, Evil Phoebe jeopardizes Billy into kitesurfing in the ocean before he trained.
  • When Professor Meteor hit Phoebe and Max with a Gravity Blast in The Thundredth, Phoebe uses her telekinesis on Max's hand so he could take his main power source.
  • In The Thunder Games, Max used his telekinesis to win the Phoebe and Max Mano Face Off.


  • Their telekinesis glitched in Going Wonkers. So they had to stay together.
  • Telekinesis is comparable to "the force" in Star Wars.
  • In Thunder in Paradise, Max was unable to reach Billy's kite as a result of being too far.