Tech Rider is a guest character that is played by Carlos PenaVega in the Season 3 episode, No Country for Old Mentors.

Powers and Abilities

  • Gauntlet Proficiency
  • Costume Specification
  • Vehicle Intuition
  • Gadget Usage


Tech Rider is a tech savvy superhero who becomes Phoebe’s mentor. He is very reckless.


He is a very enthusiastic person. He does have a big ego and finds himself in a good mood all of the time.

Gadgets & Weapons

  • Super-Sonic Blaster: He has a supersonic blaster that is kind of like Max & Phoebe's Telekinetical Blast abilities.
  • Selfy Drone: He is able to shoot a selfie drone.
  • Super Cycle: A very fast motorcycle that has many uses and gadgets. Max was able to steal it and control it with a remote control he placed on it.
  • Nano Stun Grenades
  • Tech Walker Boots