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Tara Campbell is the older sister of Cole. She is portrayed by Katherine McNamara.


Tara wears dark clothes and wears heavy make-up. She also steals people's sandwiches. She looks like the typical bad girl.


Max Thunderman - Max first saw Tara in the hallway at he beginning of "Dinner Party" and instantly felt like he had a crush on her. He was attracted to her because of her dark colored clothes and he thought that Tara would be a great dark empress when he becomes a super villain. Then, at the end of the episode, Tara says "call me" to Max as which could be her possible crush. 

Cole Campbell - Cole and Tara aren't really seen with their relationship. They are only seen with their family at the Thundermans' dinner party.

Episode Appearance

Season 1


  • Max had a crush on her.
  • She is a student at Hiddenville High.
  • She is the older sister of Cole Campbell
  • She steals peoples' sandwiches and blames it on other people if it tastes bad.
  • She wears all black clothing.
  • Her portrayer, Katherine McNamara, normally plays the "Bad Girl" in any film she does. (Like Jessie, etc.)


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