Super Suits are the clothes or costumes worn by superheroes and supervillains during missions on The Thundermans.


On the Thundermans, supersuits are usually worn by the Thundermans family but other superheroes and supervillains have their own super suits too.

The Thundermans family only wear the super suits on special occasions in order to stay undercover as a normal family in Hiddenville. The main family portrait in the Thundermans house is the family in their supersuits. However, the Thundermans usually switch it up when there is a non-supe guest in the house in order to protect their secret.

SuperSuits are usually accompanied with a superhero cape for advanced superheroes. Superhero Capes are special capes awarded to superheroes by the Hero League after passing superhero training, defeating a supervillain or saving somebody's life. All the Thundermans except Nora, Billy and Chloe have earned superhero capes.


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Users of Super Suits

The Thundermans Family

The Thundermans Super Suits are also called "Thunder Suits."

Other Superheroes


Like superheroes, villains usually have their own villain costumes as well as capes.


  • Phoebe was going to get her superhero cape in Cape Fear, but Simone got it instead.