Yep, everybody loves Perry the Great. But whenever he’s around, I become Cherry the Who?

Cherry to Phoebe

Significant Brother is the twenty-second episode of Season 4 of The Thundermans and the ninety-third episode overall. It first aired on February 3, 2018 to 1.30 million viewers.



Sparks fly between Phoebe and Cherry's visiting brother, prompting Cherry to grow concerned that she will be overshadowed by this new romance; after Cherry begs Phoebe not to date her brother, Phoebe must decide between love and friendship.[1]

Main Plot

Phoebe and Max are standing by Cherry's locker when Cherry comes over holding a hockey stick. She tells them that it belongs to her brother, Perry. Perry lives in Canada where he is training to become a professional hockey player. He is in town because he is being honored at the local ice-skating rink. Whenever Perry is around, he gets all the attention, making everyone forget about Cherry. To prove Cherry's point, Coach Shimeck comes over to congratulate Cherry on her good performance in health class. But right after noticing Perry, she leaves Cherry and runs to cheer for Perry. Phoebe promises Cherry that she would never forget her because of Perry.

Perry comes over and Cherry introduces him to Phoebe. Both Phoebe and Perry are instantly attracted to each other, which makes Phoebe so nervous that she even gets her own name wrong.

Later at the Thundermans house, Cherry walks away from the living room just before Perry arrives at the door. He asks Phoebe out on a date and Phoebe accepts. After returning, Cherry figures out that her brother was there. Phoebe tells her that he asked her out. Even without hearing how Phoebe responded, Cherry thanks Phoebe for refusing to go out with Perry. She believes there's no way Phoebe would accept to go with Perry. If she goes out with Perry, she would forget about Cherry like everyone else. But they're best friends and Phoebe would never hurt Cherry like this. Phoebe feels guilty for accepting to go on a date with Perry. So, she decides to cancel the date without Cherry finding out.

The next day, Phoebe meets up with Perry to cancel the date. However, Perry keeps coming up with excuses and showing Phoebe stuff to make her stay longer. He even takes out his phone to get Phoebe watch a movie he knows she can't resist. As a result, they spend so much time together that Phoebe forgets about her karaoke date with Cherry. Cherry comes over and busts them. How could Phoebe forget about Cherry just like everyone else? Phoebe tries to explain herself saying that it's not a date but Perry insists that it's a date. Considering all the fun they had together, Phoebe admits that it looks like a date. She tells Cherry that she had only come there to cancel the date but Cherry is disappointed that Phoebe had even agreed to the date in the first place. Cherry gets very upset about everyone getting wrapped up in Perry's fever. She storms out, angry!

Later at the ceremony to honor Perry, Phoebe tries to make things right between her and Cherry but Cherry is still too upset. To win Cherry back, Phoebe grabs the microphone from Coach Shimeck and starts to say out loud how much Cherry means to her. Everyone else gets upset by Phoebe for interrupting a Perry event to talk about non-Perry stuff. Coach Shimeck and the big, strong boys try to get the microphone back but Phoebe proves to be too strong for them, thanks to her superhero combat skills. Phoebe fights them all as she says all the praises about how much she loves Cherry and all the memories they have shared together. The only thing that stops Phoebe is when she notices her parents just when she's about to explain the time she and Cherry snuck to a concert together.

Cherry is so moved by everything Phoebe said and did for her. She forgives her and they get back together. Perry comes over and tries to talk to Phoebe, calling her "girlfriend" but Phoebe lets him down, saying she's with Cherry now.

Then Hank and Barb ask Phoebe and Cherry to explain the time they snuck out to a concert. But Phoebe and Cherry bs their way out of it saying, "we forgot" and they both start running away from them.


Max finds Nora, Billy and Chloe playing bottle-flipping and asks what it is about. Nora explains that the goal is to flip a half-full bottle and make it stand perfectly on the table. Max tells them that he would have been a pro if he ever played. The kids tell him that they're better than him at bottle flipping. He refuses to accept that. So, he starts playing with them to prove that he is better. Unfortunately, he's not. All of his flips fail. He comes up with excuses why he can't flip right. He even claims that he's failing because they're inside. So, they take the game outside but he fails out there too.

They eventually go to Max's Lair but he still can't flip right. Dr. Colosso starts laughing at him. Billy asks him to admit that they're better than him at bottle-flipping. But Max can't admit that his younger siblings can be better than him at anything. He asks them for a rematch but the kids refuse. They want to end it while they still have some respect left for Max. To convince them to agree to the rematch, Max offers them to take whatever they want from him if he loses. Nora decides that they will take over Max's Lair. Colosso advises Max against the idea but Max ignores him. This time round, the flip is so bad that the water bottle falls on electrical cables below his monitors, causing them to start burning. He uses his Freeze Breath to stop the burning. Nora asks Max to start packing to leave the lair. She and Billy exit the lair while making their bottle flips perfectly without even looking.

After being kicked out of his lair, Max comes back to collect Dr. Colosso. He finds that Nora and Billy have turned the lair into a "Billy and Nora better than Max Museum" to honor kids everywhere who are better than their older siblings. They have also got Chloe to help moving Max's things from the lair by teleporting them away. Nora tells Max that she is willing to let him have his lair back if he admits that they're better than him in bottle-flipping. Max refuses.

Max is forced to sleep outside under a tent. Dr. Colosso betrays him and runs back to the house. Max thinks he can make it through the night. But then the tent gets blown away by the storm. It starts raining heavily. The rainstorm makes it impossible for him to stay outside. He runs back to the house and begs them to let him back in. Desperate, Max finally admits that his younger siblings are better than him at bottle-flipping. They let him back in the house.

As Nora, Billy and Chloe walk up to their bedrooms, Max tries to do a bottle-flip. It works. The bottle lands perfectly upright. He tells them that he did it but they don't believe him because they didn't see it. Chloe tells him that now it's just getting sad. 


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  • The episode title is a reference to the "significant other" phrase, used to refer to someone's partner.
  • This episode features one of Phoebe's potential love interests.
  • This episode aired in Australia approximately two days before the United States.
  • The famous WWE wrestler and the host of Kids' Choice Awards 2017 and 2018, John Cena was mentioned.
  • In this episode, Nora and Billy became the owner of Max's lair until he said that Billy and Nora were better than him in bottle-flipping.
  • There was a banner in the background at Perry's Ceremony that said 2016, because that is when this episode was filmed.
  • Finding Story is a reference of Finding Dory


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