The Secret Academy of Superpower Studies or SASS is a secret superhero school where superheroes in the Thunderverse go for their super power training.


The school is located in Metroburg and it's run by the Hero League. SASS administers various super-power assessment tests to determine which students are qualified to become superheroes.

In Back To School, Super President Kickbutt finds out that Phoebe and Max Thunderman never took their fifth-grade power assessment test at SASS. She then forces them to go back to the school to take the tests.

Known Students


Back to school - sass kids

Students at SASS


Known Staff

  • Silver Eagle
  • Leonard



Sass building

SASS School Building

Back to school - sass

SASS main entrance

Back to school - max and phoebe

Phoebe and Max at SASS

Back to school - hall monitor

Max and Phoebe talking to the Hall Monitor at SASS

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