I have a story better than Robin Hood. It's called Phoebe Hood and it might just change the way you feel about certain people in this house.

Phoebe to Chloe

Robin Hood: Prince of Pheebs is the twenty-first episode in Season 3 of The Thundermans.


When Chloe announces that Max is her favorite sibling, Phoebe tries to reveal Max's true colors using a bedtime story.[1]


Phoebe is in the Thundermans living room, reading a "Robin Hood" book as she watches her parents sing and dance with excitement about going out and being away from the kids for the evening. They thank her for offering to watch Chloe. Phoebe brags about how Chloe adores her. She calls herself the greatest big sis ever since she even bought Chloe new pajamas with sparkly slippers.

Just when Phoebe is about to read Chloe the story of Robin Hood, Max enters the room and Chloe quickly jumps over to Max. Max plays a magic trick on Chloe, stealing her dollar from from the tooth fairy. Phoebe confronts Max about it but he claims that he is keeping it safe for her, just like her birthday money. As Max walks off to his lair, Chloe says, "I love Max. He's my favorite." This shocks Phoebe. Then Chloe goes ahead to explain that Max is funny and he has great hair. Also, Max has a bunny, a band, and a slide.. none of which Phoebe has.

To change how Chloe feels about her and Max, Phoebe, tells Chloe her own version of Robin Hood, called, "Phoebe Hood." When Phoebe starts telling the story, Chloe teleports to the movie theater and steals popcorn from Hank.

The Story of Phoebe Hood : Part 1

Once upon a time in a land far far away there was a beautiful girl called Chloe the Cute (Chloe). Everyone loved her and she loved everyone except the evil Sheriff Maxingham (Max). He is no one's favorite and his hair is not so great either. Sheriff Maxingham walks to the poor peasants forcing them to pay taxes to the king, even though they barely have food to eat.

Sherriff Maxingham and Chloe the Cute

He finds Chloe the Cute and forces her to give him her golden slippers. Poop Patrol (Oyster) confronts Maxingham and says he won't get away with this. Who is going to stop him, he wonders.

Suddenly, an arrow shoots right between his fingers. He is amazed at the shooting skills used. Then in a heroic entrance, Phoebe Hood (Phoebe), emerges from the woods and says that she's going to stop him. She says that she is the protector of the weak (and other people who forgot to shower.) Maxingham mocks her and asks who will protect her? She then introduces her merry men - ahem, merry crew: Barb Marian (Barb), Little Hank (Hank), Friar Billy(Billy) and Beyonce(?)(Nora). Maxingham claims that he and his man are not scared. But then his men run away and that changes everything. So he runs away. Everyone is left praising Phoebe Hood for her bravery. Unfortunately, Maxingham left with Chloe's golden slippers.

Sheriff Maxingham returns and trembles in fear before the mighty all-powerful King Colosso (Colosso). King Colosso is furious at Maxingham for returning without any money. The king complains that he can't even afford a good jester, so they've hired a really terrible Jester (Cherry) who is really bad at jokes with Wolfgang as the drummer. King Colosso tells Sheriff Maxingham that they have to find a way to get rid of Phoebe Hood. The Sheriff thinks quickly and comes up with a plan: to lure her by hosting an archery contest. During the contest, the grand prize would be Chloe the Cute's golden slippers.

King Colosso

The king throws the contest and invites the best archers from the entire kingdom. Phoebe Hood promises Chloe the Cute that she will get her golden slippers back. King Colosso threatens Maxingham that if the plan doesn't work, he will be placed on poop patrol. The Jester introduces the first contestant, Sheriff Maxingham. Maxingham shoots perfectly at the target and boasts about how no one else will be able to beat him. Then a hooded girl comes over and wants to give it a shot. Maxingham is underwhelmed and reveals to her that he's in the middle of a genius plan to find someone. Phoebe shoots right at the target, splitting Maxingham's favorite arrow into two. Only one person in the kingdom can do that: Phoebe Hood. He unmasks the hood, revealing to everyone that the shooter is in fact Phoebe Hood.

The fight breaks out between King's minions and the people, led by Phoebe Hood. Unfortunately, due to eye sight problems, Little Hank captures Phoebe Hood. With their leader captured, the merry crew end the fight. Without any trial, King Colosso finds Phoebe Hood guilty and sentences her to be flung out of the kingdom by a catapult. Her merry crew is arrested too. Maxingham makes an evil laugh while Chloe the Cute cries over Phoebe Hood.


After listening to Phoebe's story, Chloe is sad about the sad ending for her favorite character, Phoebe Hood. Phoebe says that Phoebe Hood is really her and that the evil Maxingham is really Max. That means that Phoebe is Chloe's favorite and makes Max not her favorite. While still talking, Max enters the room to grab a sandwich, Chloe calls him "naughty sheriff" before grabbing him and teleporting him to the North Pole. She leaves him there freezing and teleports back. Phoebe is shocked and worried.

Chloe says that she did that to Max because Phoebe's story has convinced her that Max is evil. Phoebe asks Chloe to get Max back but she refuses. Phoebe blames her jealousy for making up that story to look better than Max, but it's not worth having her brother eaten by polar bears at the North Pole. Before she can figure out what to do, Hank and Barb return from their date. Hank complains about Chloe stealing his popcorn and thinks that Max had something to do with it. He starts calling Max, which worries Phoebe that she is going to get busted. She lies to them that Max is down with a cold. She also pays them to go back on their date and buy ice cream, her treat.

When the parents leave, Phoebe tells Chloe that she's going to love Max after hearing the ending of the story. She says that Sheriff Maxingham had a change of heart. The End. This does not convince Chloe. She starts to leave to go to bed. Phoebe pulls her back to tell her the "right" ending.

The Story of Phoebe Hood : Part 2

Phoebe Hood was about to be catapulted out of the kingdom. The merry crew is desperate to save Phoebe Hood and themselves. Chloe the Cute walks over to Maxingham and pleads with him not to get rid of Phoebe Hood. Maxingham's excuse is that you can't be that good-looking and be nice at the same time. She hugs him before walking away.

Just after King Colosso orders his men to catapult Phoebe Hood, Maxingham shoots an arrow, ordering them to release Phoebe Hood. He threatens the king's men and confronts King Colosso. He says that he is fighting for justice (and slipper-less children everywhere.) King Colosso confronts Maxingham for going soft on him. Besides, these are the medieval, not the mid-nice-guy times. *drum beat!* The King orders his guards to capture Maxingham. During the fight with the guards, Maxinghim gets the chance to release Phoebe Hood from the catapult. She thanks Maxingham and joins the fight.

Meanwhile, the merry crew manage to escape and join the fight. Little Hank finally puts on glasses only to realize that their king is actually a talking rabbit!

Robin Hood - Prince of Pheeps - Thundermans

Phoebe Hood and Maxingham lead the rebellion against King Colosso. The king loses the fight. Together, Maxingham and Phoebe Hood catapult King Colosso out of the kingdom, the way he was going to do to Phoebe Hood.They also get the golden slippers and give them back to Chloe the Cute. The whole crowd cheers for them. Maxingham asks to join Phoebe Hood's Merry Crew so that from now on he can steal for good instead of evil. After Chloe's confirmation, he joins the crew and became Chloe the Cute's favorite member.

The End.

After The Story

Chloe loves the new ending and says that she loves both Phoebe Hood and Maxingham. So, she agrees to get Max back from North Pole. Max is freezing and furious at Chloe for taking him to the North Pole. Phoebe unfreezes him using her heat breath power. She then distracts him to ensure that he doesn't find out why Chloe did it. Hank and Barb return with ice cream, but Max throws it away with telekinesis because it's not funny after you've been freezing cold in the North Pole. Phoebe ensures that they don't find out why Max is mad.

Hank complains about salami on the remote. He blames Billy but Nora admits that she is the one who did it because Billy is really good with salami. Billy drinks his smoothie salami only to realize that it's no good. He says he's going to go puke. To everyone's surprise, Chloe says "I love Billy, he's my favorite!" and Phoebe is like are you kidding me??? She takes a deep breath as she realizes that she shouldn't read too much into it whoever Chloe says is her favorite sibling.


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  • This was the twenty-fifth episode shot in season 3.
  • This was the penultimate episode filmed for season 3.
  • Audrey Whitby and Tanner Stine were not in this episode as Cherry and Oyster. Instead they were Jester and Poop Patrol. (respectively)
  • This is the first episode told in a story format. The next one is Happy Heroween in season 4.
  • This is a parody of Robin Hood.
  • This episode could possibly lead into the events of the Season 3 finale, because Max turns to the good side in the end just like in the Season 3 finale.


The Thundermans - Evil Victorian Max - Nickelodeon UK

The Thundermans - Evil Victorian Max - Nickelodeon UK

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The Thundermans - Babysitting Chloe - Nickelodeon UK