My name is Phoebe. I'm a doodie head!

— Max's app

Restaurant Crashers is the twelfth episode in Season 1 of The Thundermans.


It's Barb and Hank's anniversary so they go out for a dinner date. Meanwhile, Phoebe, Max, Billy and Nora accidently destroyed Barb's gift (a new car) so they call their Cousin Blobbin to help them fix the situation.


Hank shows Phoebe a new car that he got for Barb as a surprise anniversary gift. Given Phoebe's history with spoiling surprises, Hank is concerned that Phoebe is going to tell Barb about the surprise. Phoebe struggles to keep the secret before the parents leave for their anniversary dinner. Cousin Blobbin calls the Thundermans to wish them a happy anniversary but is disappointed when Hank refuses to say he loves him Back, Hank and Barb go to a restaurant for their anniversary dinner, leaving Phoebe and Max in charge.

It doesn't take long before Phoebe is blackmailed into telling Max, Billy and Nora about the new car. They all run to the garage to test the car. Nora spills some food on the car but Max and Phoebe are successful in cleaning the car. Max accidentally puts the car in neutral and it starts rolling, but the twins do stop it before it hits a shelf. They're relieved for about a second before a bowling ball hits the car leaving a huge dent. Phoebe and Max panic and start blaming each other but eventually decide to work together to fix the car before their parents return. They call their rich Cousin Blobbin to help fix the car and he is glad to help until he realizes that the car is Hank's. Blobbin says he will only fix the car if Hank calls him and says he loves him back.

Max tells Phoebe that he can make it sound like their dad said "I love you Blobbin" by having him say the individual words and then use his app to join them in the right order. The Thunder Twins sneak into the restaurant in order to record Hank and use Max's app to call Blobbin back. Since this is an anniversary dinner, it's not hard to get Hank to say "I love you." So, Phoebe uses telekinesis to steal Hank's love poem paper from Hank's pocket. She changes one of the "I love you" to "I love you Blobbin." She then telekinetically returns the paper under Hank's table. Hank thinks the paper had dropped on the floor. He picks it up and reads it to Barb but there's way too much distraction for him to actually say the "Blobbin."

Max and Phoebe result to plan B. They steal a donkey costume where Phoebe becomes the donkey head while Max is the butt. The donkey walks to Hank and Barb's table. Phoebe takes away their menu and replaces it with a fake special menu where every meal is a "Blobbin." She asks Hank to explicitly say the name of the meal he wants but it's still almost impossible to get him to say Blobbin.

After they finally get a "Blobbin" from Hank, Max uses his app to say "I love you Blobbin" when Phoebe calls Cousin Blobbin. Their cousin agrees to take care of the car by the time they get home. The twins then rush home.

Unfortunately, instead of fixing the dent on the car, Cousin Blobbin's assistants just bought a new car, which had a grey exterior instead of the original red. All four kids realize that they will be in big trouble. Once Hank unveils the car, he is surprised to see that it's gray. But to everyone's surprise, Barb actually preferred that the car was not red, making Max and Phoebe happy that what happened did. Hank then says that whoever turned the car grey was the one he loves the most. Blobbin reveals that he did it, after which Hank says, " I love you!"


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Jani Wang as Hostess
  • Chris Nuñez as Stanely the Steer



  • The title of this episode was originally called Happy Anniversary.
  • This episode got 1.8 milion views
  • First appearance of the Thundermans previous home in Metroberg.
  • The cars shown were Hyundai Sonatas with the Hyundai logos removed. All of the cars owned by the Thunderman Family do not have any of their manufacturer's logos shown.


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