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That would take time, effort, a respectable work ethic. And I have none of those.

— Principal Bradford

Principal Bradford is a recurring character on the series, The Thundermans. He is the current principal of Hiddenville High. Bradford is portrayed by Jeff Meacham.


Season 1

You Stole My Thunder, Man

Principal Bradford is in charge of the class president election at Hiddenville High school. During Phoebe's speech, Bradford proves to be very unproffessional as he makes it clear that he's bored with Phoebe's speech. He helps implement Max and Phoebe's president ideas by firing the art teacher to save money. He is very impatient during Phoebe's smoothie machine launch because he wants to go see a movie. He gets angry at the Thunder Twins for wasting his time, and so he opens the smoothie machine himself, causing him to fall into Max's prank. The machine spills smoothie all over him.

Up Up and Vacay

Bradford complains that he's been assigned to host the family sporting competitions because he has no family or plans for the weekend.

Breaking Dad

Principal Bradford tries to settle the dispute between Phoebe and the chemistry teacher, Mr. Begbeaudy ("Big Booty") for giving Phoebe a B. After Mr. Begbeaudy quits, Bradford hires Hank to teach the chemistry class. When Phoebe writes an essay to Bradford asking to leave her dad's class, the Principal decides to evaluate Hank's teaching. Phoebe and Max use telekinesis to trick Bradford and the rest of the students into thinking that Hank was the one performing the chemistry reaction demonstrations. This impresses Principal Bradford, calling it "private school stuff." He later realizes that Hank didn't really have a teaching license and fires him. Bradford also confiscates Cherry's phone to hide the video evidence about Hank.

Season 2

Max's Minions

Phoebe and her friends (Cherry, Kelsey) tell Principal Bradford how excited they are about going to Club Ooh Ooh but he dismisses them saying that he is not wearing his "talk-to-me-face." Right after that, Max pulls an epic prank on him, causing Bradford to reiterate that Max is the public school enemy number one. When Max's minions turn against him, Bradford removes Max's school enemy poster and replaces them with Lionel, Jake, and Tom. Max gets back at the minions by giving them the idea to prank Bradford during detention. Max then puts embarrassing videos of Bradford into the video feed. This causes Bradford to give Max's minions more detention and declares Max once again as the number one school enemy.

Change of Art

When hosting the art auction, Principal Bradford complains about hosting school events. He develops a crush on a woman named Joyce and hopes to talk to her after the auction. Bradford introduces Hank to do the auction because he's the only parent who agreed to do it. At the end, Principal Bradford gets disappointed after realizing that Joyce ditched him.

Cheer and Present Danger

Principal Bradford is unhappy about having to attend the cheerleaders pep rally routine. He complains about school events being mandatory. When Phoebe (in the raptor mascot) eggs Madison, Principal Bradford readily accepts it as part of the routine.

Call of Lunch Duty

Principal Bradford because the target of Rebel Raptor's pranks and he suspects that Max Thunderman is Rebel Raptor but Phoebe convinces him that it wasn't Max. When Phoebe writes an exclusive interview article in the school newspaper about the Rebel Raptor, Principal Bradford forces her to reveal who the Rebel Raptor is. Phoebe refuses to betray Max's secret and so Bradford punishes her by making her work on the lunch line. Principal Bradford then comes to Phoebe while serving food in the cafeteria and forces her to make him 500 burgers. This makes Max and Phoebe suspicious. So, they come up with a plan to find out what Bradford is hiding and use it for blackmail. The twins discover that Principal Bradford secretly runs an underground wrestling match within the school after the school and he is the champion. Phoebe and Max put on wrestling outfits and join forces to take down Principal Bradford. After defeating him in the wrestling match, they unmask themselves as the Lunchador and Rebel Raptor. Phoebe threatens to report Bradford to the Board of Education if he doesn't take her off the lunch duty. Bradford agrees and whines about how much he hates Phoebe and Max's family.

Season 3

On The Straight And Arrow

Cherry accidentally shoots Principal Bradford's big toe with an arrow during an archery class because of Phoebe and Max. Bradford screams in pain and puts Cherry in detention. Phoebe crawls into detention to help Cherry out but Bradford busts her. He gives Phoebe detention too but doesn't want to give her too many detentions because he is mad that Phoebe never leaves the school. Max gets himself in detention too, which makes Bradford only more angry at the Thunder Twins. Bradford's toe gets shot again by Cherry while trying to release the tarantula spider. As Bradford screams in pain, the kids in detention start recording him. He gives them a deal to release them out of the detention as long as they promise not to post the video. After the kids leave, Bradford dares the spider to bite him. It bites him on the same toe!

Exit Stage Theft

Phoebe and Cherry try to get into the school talent show by auditioning to Principal Bradford for a magic performance. This angers Bradford because it reminds him of his ex-girlfriend, Valerie, who left him for his magician brother.

Floral Support

Principal Bradford is angry at Allison and her Green Teens Club for blocking the way to his office in order to protect a stinky blooming plant. So, he's forced to go through woodshop. He blames himself for signing the club's request without reading it first. On his way to the office, he trips and falls because Max had made the path icy and slippery to record students falling on his Evil Chronicle. Principal Bradford confiscates the Max's chronicle and puts alarms around the office to go off when Max is approaching the office. So, Max joins Allison's club and uses it to sneak into Bradford's office and steal his diary back. Phoebe continues to make fun of Bradford's khakis and his inner sadness when she realizes that Max sneaked out and Principal Bradford is right behind her.

Bradford uses Max's action as an excuse to ban the Green Teens Club and hire someone to cut down the plant. The Green Teens create a new club, "Green Teenz" to demonstrate against Bradford but he takes a tractor, ready to run them over. Max comes back and uses Telekinesis to save the students from Bradford by making the tractor immobile. Bradford takes an axe to cut down the plant but it hits him with a stink.

Original Prankster

Principal Bradford is about to leave the school late at night, complaning about how he doesn't have a life when Max arrives and pulls an epic prank on him. Max pranks him by placing money on the ground which he knows Bradford can't resist. Bradford tries to take it but then triggers a trap and gets suspended upside down for the whole night. The following day, the students find him still hanging upside down. After he's helped down, Bradford vows to expel the student who pranked him. He starts searching the lockers for the student with the red hat he saw last night. His first suspect is Max (obviously) but Max's locker comes out clean. Before Bradford gets to Max's bag, Max uses telekinesis to throw the hat away towards the entrance. The German exchange student, Wolfgang picks up the hat and puts it on.

Bradford sees Wolfgang wearing the red hat, Principal Bradford concludes that Wolfgang is the one who pranked him. So he decides to expel Wolfgang and get him deported out of the country. To protect Wolfgang, Max hides him in Max's Lair but Dr. Colosso calls Principal Bradford telling him that's where Wolfgang is hiding. Bradford comes over and tries to get Max to let him in. Allison asks Max to to be nice to Bradford but after hearing Allison's voice, Bradford starts making fun of Allison. Allison allows Max to prank Bradford after which Max sets off a series of booby traps in the Thundermans house. Bradford struggles through Max's traps to get to Wolfgang. He reveals to Wolfgang that he can't suspend him because he realized that the school makes money for having an exchange student.

Thundermans: Secret Revealed

During the Hiddenville High Junior prom, Principal Bradford gets a call informing him of breaking news that Phoebe Thunderman is "ThunderGirl." He walks into the dance and announces to everyone that Phoebe is ThunderGirl. When the Thundermans come over to fight Dark Mayhem and his minions, Principal Bradford is zapped twice by Hank as he tries to control his newly gained Electrokinesis power. After the fight, Principal Bradford tries to blackmail Max and Phoebe but Max freezes him.

Season 4

May Z-Force Be With You

Principal Bradford competes in a ping pong competition and goes all the way to the finals where he goes against Cherry. Phoebe says Bradford is only doing the matches because he has no life.

Episode Appearances

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4



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