''Phoebe and Gideon" is the one-sided relationship of Phoebe Thunderman and Gideon.

Other Names

  • Phideon (Ph/oebe) and (G/ideon)
  • Goebe ( G/ideon) and (Ph/oebe)

Phoebe and Gideon Moments

Season 2

You've Got Fail

  • In You've Got Fail, Max Thunderman asks Gideon to film Phoebe.
  • Gideon also asks Max if he can take Phoebe's number off Max's phone.

Call of Lunch Duty

  • Gideon thought Phoebe and him were on a date.
  • Phoebe kicks Gideon out.

Season 3

Date Expectations

  • When Phoebe was late for class, Gideon saved her by flirting with Mrs. Austin.

Thundermans: Secret Revealed

  • Gideon says "I love you" out loud to ThunderGirl (Phoebe)
  • Gideon gets upset that Phoebe said that ThunderGirl wears blue gloves not black gloves.

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