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Sweet cheese!
— Phoebe

Phoebe Thunderman
Full Name

Phoebe Mai Thunderman


Pheebs (by Max and Nora)
Bumble Phoebe (by Hank)




February 12th 1999 (age 17)

Resides In





Hiddenville High


Hank Thunderman (father)
Barb Thunderman (mother)


Max Thunderman (twin brother)
Billy Thunderman (brother)
Nora Thunderman and Chloe Thunderman (sisters)


Cole Campbell (former crush) Dylan (former crush)
Oyster (former crush)
Link Evilman (ex-boyfriend)


Cherry (best friend)

Veronica (enemy)

Cousin Blobbin (Uncle)

Eye Color


Hair Color

Dark Brown




1, 2, 3 4

First Seen

Adventures in Supersitting

Portrayed By

Kira Kosarin

Phoebe Thunderman is the main protagonist in The Thundermans, she is also a superhero. She is portrayed by Kira Kosarin.


Pheobe Thunderman is the most friendliest person you will ever meet, unless you catch her with her twin brother, Max. She is very smart and is willing to take the chance of living a double life (as a normal student and a superhero). Also, being a superhero and living a regular life does not stop her either. She still works to accomplish everything she can. She exceeds her best friend, Cherry, and trys to do everything in an orderly fashion.


Phoebe Thunderman may look like your average girl next door, but her superpowers will make you think the opposite! But that doesn't stop her from trying to fit in. She's a responsible, straight-A student who tries to play by the "no-powers" rule... unless her aspiring villain and twin brother Max forces her to do otherwise! Phoebe is an intellectual. She loves math, and is a tad bit nerdy. She’s trying to navigate having a social life, dealing with boys (she has a crush), friends, and hiding her superpowers, including freeze breath, telekinesis, and other fun stuff.


  • Max Thunderman - Max is Phoebe's twin brother and even though Max pulls pranks on her she usually forgives him. In Report Card they have a special handshake and Max purposely lost the tournament for Phoebe which she picked up on.
  • Cherry - Cherry is Phoebe's lively first best friend. Cherry almost found out about her powers and was the first non supe to go inside the house. Cherry and Phoebe hang out a lot and do things together.
  • Allision - Her frenemy. Phoebe and Allison are friends and work together most of the times, but they can also get a little too competitive. Phoebe loves Allison and wants her to be Max's girlfriend. She goes through great lengths to keep Max and Allison together. She even got into a wrestling match, fighting to protect the relationship.

Powers and Abilities

  • Telekinesis: Like her brother, Phoebe can move objects with her mind, she's about as strong as her brother in this power, can move at least three things at once.
    • Telekinetic Blast: Like her brother, She can create a blasts of telekinetic energy. This is strong enough to destroy things.
    • Binding: In Give Me a Break Up, Phoebe was able to stop a boomerang from hitting Cherry.
  • Ice Breath: Able to breath pure cold like Max, which she can use to freeze people in ice. It apparently has no long terms affects. She can also use this to make snow. Its also revealed to also work on ghosts. (Haunted Thundermans). According to Phoebe, if Phoebe and Max's ice breaths touch, they could freeze the whole city.
    Output Ral47G
  • Heat Breath: Like Max, she can breath a blast of heat, which she can use to unfreeze people she or her brother has frozen. Plus, she can melt things with her heat breath.
  • Super Intelligence: Like her brother, Phoebe has super intelligence. She can do things like hack her brothers computer system and is also very good at average school subjects, particually math.
  • Thundersense: Like her brother, Phoebe gains the ability to sense danger before it occurs. However it is not always specific enough to tell what the danger is. She gained this ability before her brother did. (Thundersense).
  • True Sight: As a Superhero she has the power to see and hear ghosts.(Haunted Thundermans)


  • Max beheaded her dolls when she was five years old.
  • Her first best friend is Cherry.
  • In her old school her school photos where formal and she had to wear her superhero outfit.
  • Max once poured chocolate and cheese on her during picture days.
  • It drives Phoebe crazy when Max puts an empty jar of peanut butter on the shelf.
  • She once tried greasing Max's slide.
  • She used to wear braces.
  • She wears a retainer to bed.
  • Phoebe has a teddy bear called Mr. Grumbles.
  • She stopped Max's lair from self-destructing, after causing it to almost self destruct (Phoebe vs. Max)
  • She enjoys school and is very good at math.
  • She can play the keyboard (Phoebe's A Clone Now).
  • She is 20 seconds older than Max (Thundersense).
  • She can't keep a secret.
  • She can sing, as shown in Pretty Little Choirs.
  • She claps loud when she's nervous (Pretty Little Choirs).
  • She did a freeze kick and a super wedgie to Max. (Pretty Little Choirs)
  • She likes sheep.
  • She loves using metal detectors at the beach.
  • She is a great dancer.
  • She once turned blue because of Max. (Blue Detective)
  • She is a big fan of "MKTO" music band.
  • She got her thunder sense before Max.
  • She can also be a bit cocky at times.


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