Phoebe's Bedroom is one of the main rooms in the Thundermans' house. It is located on the second floor. This is where Phoebe sleeps. The room's color theme is dark blue / purple / aqua / light blue.


The Weekend Guest

  • Phoebe takes Trevor (the Venus Fly Trap plant) to her bedroom so that she can protect him from being stolen by Max.
  • Phoebe seats in a very cool hanging chair while reading.


  • When Phoebe gives up being a superhero, she locks herself in her bedroom. Hanks comes to knock and she uses telekinesis to open the door.

Max's Minions

  • Phoebe uses Billy and Nora as her minions, asking them to clean her room; but when they discover her plan they sabotage the cleaning equipment causing a mess in Phoebe's bedroom.

One Hit Thunder

  • Max sneaks into Phoebe's bedroom disguised as a teddy bear so that he could steal Phoebe's diary.
  • Phoebe invites Cherry to her bedroom to vent to her about Link.

Thunder in Paradise

  • At night, whilst influenced by Dark Mayhem's powers, Phoebe was having nightmares of being evil and taking over the world.