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Patch Me If You Can is the ninth episode in Season 3 of The Thundermans. It premiered on October 28, 2015.


While Phoebe is baby-sitting her boyfriend's shy little brother, he puts on Max's Evilinum eyepatch and becomes pure evil. Nora suffers a crisis of confidence after nearly zapping Chloe with her eye beams.[1]

Main Plot

Link is playing with Nora and Billy at the Thundermans house, before going to see a movie together. Phoebe feels bad because Link has such great chemistry with her siblings while she barely knows anything about Link's little brother, Harris. So, she offers to babysit Harris while Link prepares to Harris's upcoming party.

Link says the party will be pirate-themed because Harris loves pirates. When Max sees Link with an eye patch, he and Colosso get inspired to recreate Evilman's evil eye patch as part of Max's new villain costume.

Nora is outside practicing her trick shots with Billy and their parents. She does her trick shots by aiming her laser shots at one object in a way that it will be reflected several times until it finally hits the object she wants to hit. The parents ask her to be careful but she doesn't stop. She plans to to the biggest trick shot of all but Chloe accidentally teleports into the path of the shot. Luckily, Billy uses his super speed to shield Chloe from being hit by the laser. This traumatizes Nora after realizing that she almost killed Chloe. So, she decides to never use her laser powers again.

Harris turns out to be very shy, quiet and afraid of everything. She tries connecting to him without much success. She shows him her heat breath and asks him to show his fire power, but it turns out to be a little light on his pinky finger. Since Harris likes pirates, Phoebe brings a raven (since she couldn't get a parrot).

Harris gets bored but when the raven flies into Max's lair, Harris gets interested because he loves secret bunkers. So Phoebe lies that the lair is her bunker to impress him. Unknowingly, Phoebe gives Harris the eye patch. He puts it on and it turns him evil. So, he starts attacking Max and Phoebe with fire power. He destroys a lot of things in the house.

It get worse when the Thunder Twins accidentally ruin the surprise of Harris' surprise party. He runs to the party. Max and Phoebe text Nora to get Chloe to teleport them to the party before Harris arrives. Harris arrives at his birthday party and continues to fight Phoebe and Max and everyone else at the party.

As Max and Phoebe try to stop Harris, Barb encourages Nora not to give up being using her powers because even though she almost hit Chloe, it was an accident. Heroes fall but what makes them real heroes is if their ability to rise after they fall. After the talk Nora agrees to be Laser Girl again but use her powers more carefully. She steps in and uses her trick shots to stop Harris, saving the day.

As the Thunderman Family arrives home, they watch the mess Harris caused around it and the raven brought by Pheobe, so Max is going to clean everything and Phoebe is going to get rid from the raven.


Recurring Cast

Special Guest Cast



  • This is a somewhat Halloween-themed episode.
  • Casey Simpson from Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn guest stars in this episode.
  • Although being advertised and press released as a Halloween special, the episode didn't contain any Halloween theme in the plot nor setting. However, it contained little aspects of Halloween with the pirate party and pirate costumes.
  • In this episode Nora addresses her family members by their full names (Billy/William, Hank/Henry and Barb/Barbara).


Here is the full image gallery for Patch Me If You Can. It may be viewed here.


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The Thundermans - Fireballs - Nickelodeon UK


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