You secretly have a heart. Are you sure you don't want to ask me out?

— Cherry to Max

One Hit Thunder is the twenty-second episode of Season 2.


Max's Band is asked to audition to perform at Splatburger but without a song to perform, Max reads Phoebe's dairy for inspiration, exposing Link's secret. Hank and Barb try to set a good example for Billy and Nora by being nice to Dr. Colosso.


Main Plot

Phoebe and Link at Splatburger

Phoebe comes to Splatburger to congratulate Link on his first day of work. Link shows Phoebe how he uses his stretchy hands superpower to clean the tubes. Phoebe mentions Link's bonus toe but Link asks her to keep it a secret because she's the only person who knows about it. Phoebe tells Link that he can trust her now that they're a couple.

Max Introducing Wolfgang

Max introduces Wolfgang to the Band

Also at Splatburger, Max introduces Wolfgang to Oyster and Gideon as the new drummer of Max's Band. There's only one catch: Wolfgang is a foreign exchange student and only speaks German. Max tells Gideon to host Wolfgang. The Splatburger manager, Jay Jay comes over and informs Max and his friends that he is holding band auditions to play at his restaurant every Saturday and asks them to audition. They agree that he will pay them by free food. Oyster wonders how they're going to be a great band without any good hit songs.

Later at home, Max vents to Dr. Colosso about trying to write a good song. Dr. Colosso tells Max that to write a good song, you need to have a heart and a soul. But they don't have that because they're villains. Max tells him that he has a heart - it's just filled with spiders and licorice. Then Phoebe and Cherry arrive as Cherry tells Phoebe how happy she is for Phoebe and Link. Cherry calls Link the "gift ninja" because of all the gifts he keeps giving Phoebe. They mention that Phoebe writes poems about her relationship with Link in her diary. Max makes fun of them but after the girls leave, Dr. Colosso advises Max to steal Phoebe's diary to get song lyrics ideas. The only problem - Max doesn't know where Phoebe hides her diary since Billy wrote a book report on it. Solution: Max must sneak into Phoebe's room and find out where she keeps her diary. But how? Get inside a giant teddy bear?

Max in Teddy Bear

Phoebe goes to her bedroom and finds a giant teddy bear. She assumes it's a gift from Link except instead of the sweet words that Link uses, it just says, "Here's this." She accepts it anyway. Max peeks out of the teddy bear to see where Phoebe keeps her diary. When Phoebe finishes writing her thoughts, she keeps the diary in a big fake book. Max waits for her to leave; grabs the diary and reads it.

Max's Band Performs at Splatburger

Max's Band auditions at Splatburger

On Saturday at Splatburger, Max's Band plays a song called "Bonus Toe" which is basically about keeping the bonus toe a secret. Link gets very uncomfortable. He asks Max if he found out about the bonus toe from Phoebe and Max says, "technically, yes!" Manager Jay Jay asks Max's Band to write more songs because they have passed the auditions to play at Splatburger every Saturday. Phoebe arrives and finds Link furious at her for betraying his trust. She tries to explain herself but Link refuses to listen to her.

Phoebe and Cherry in Bedroom

Phoebe and Cherry

Down in Max's Lair, Max's Band plays Bonus Toe again but Oyster and even Wolfgang are not happy with having to play the same song over and over. They need a new song. Max asks them to leave so that he can find his inspiration. And by inspiration, he means peek at Phoebe's diary. Max sneaks into Phoebe's bedroom in the teddy bear. Cherry is in Phoebe's room trying to give her a heart after being hurt by Link. Cherry asks Phoebe to kick the teddy bear to let her frustrations out but Phoebe says that kicking the bear won't help her figure out why Phoebe broke up with her. Instead she gives Cherry the most beautiful romantic poem to deliver to Link. Hopefully, it will help fix things. Cherry kicks the bear one more time and leaves.

Max and Cherry

Max and Cherry

The teddy bear walks out to follow Cherry but falls down the staircase. Max then comes out of the bear and tells Cherry he needs to talk to her. Cherry assumes that Max wants to ask her out and so she declines to date him because she is her best friend's brother and that complicates things. Max emotionlessly lets her down, saying that he doesn't want to ask her out. Instead he asks her to give him the note Phoebe wrote for Link so that he can deliver it himself. Cherry doesn't even ask how Max knew about the note. She gives it to him and thanks him for being such a sweet brother. Cherry says Max has a heart and asks him if he's sure he doesn't want to date her. Max shuts the door behind her. Hello new hit song! Max sends the new lyrics to the band.

The Thunder Monitor announces that Oyster, Gideon and Strange German Kid are approaching. Max lets them in. The boys tell him that they are very worried about his love life because he sounds very heartbroken from the new lyrics. He tells them that he was just being an over-dramatic teenage girl - or boy. Because he is a boy. Gideon says that only true pain can write a song like that. Oyster says Max has it bad especially that part of the song where he says he doesn't know what he did wrong. Then Phoebe comes downstairs crying to her mother that she doesn't know what she did wrong. Coincidence? Max watches Phoebe cry and feels bad for her. He tries to apologize to Phoebe about Link but Phoebe doesn't want any reminder of Link.

Max's Band at Splatburger

The following Saturday, Max is excited to see Phoebe come to Splatburger during their concert. Phoebe thinks Link texted her but Max reveals that he is the one who texted her as Link. Phoebe gets mad at Max and plans to leave. Max asks Phoebe not to leave. Max changes the song they were supposed to play and instead sings an apology song to Phoebe and Link. The rest of the band members get angry. He confesses that Phoebe didn't betray his secret. It was him who read her diary and wrote a song about it. Everyone starts leaving the restaurant. Link forgives Phoebe.

Max and Link

Max's Band gets fired from performing at Splatburger. They try to steal food but Phoebe uses telekinesis to make them fall. Revenge - Check!

Sub Plot

Nora and Billy vs Colosso

Nora and Billy try to get Dr. Colosso back for pooping in their shoes. Colosso tries to deny it but they have evidence. Nora asks Billy to spin Colosso around as a punishment. Barb catches them and asks them where they learned that behavior. Hank comes in threatening Dr. Colosso too. Barb asks them to act nice to Dr. Colosso. But after all the spinning, Colosso barfs on Barb's shoes. Barb angrily tells Colosso to "eat lightning" and zaps him with her Electriss powers for a couple seconds. She then realizes that both she and Hank are where Billy and Nora have been picking up the bad behavior.

Barb and Hank Being Nice to Colosso

The parents take Dr. Colosso to the kitchen and bake him a cake. Nora says it doesn't make sense but Barb explains that they are trying to set a good example for the kids by being nice to Dr. Colosso even if he is not nice to them. They're superheroes and they should never stoop to supervillain level. Colosso hits Hank with a piece of cake. Hank angrily thanks him but when Colosso does it again he wants to attack him. Barb stops him.

Nora and Billy confront Colosso for tearing holes on their clothes. Colosso is disappointed that they don't want to get back at him. He worries that he is not annoying anymore. Colosso promises to get them to hate him again.

Thundermans Eat Colosso's Terrible Food

The Thundermans come home to find Dr. Colosso has cooked a meal for them to thank them for being so nice to him. They notice that the food is disgusting but he manipulates Barb and Hank to eat it as a good example to their kids. He also asks Billy and Nora to eat it so that the parents won't think they hate him. Dr. Colosso then reveals that the disgusting food includes grass and dog poop. The Thundermans get angry at him and rise to use their powers to attack him.

Dr. Colosso expresses how happy he is that the Thundermans hate him again. He tells them that he is a supervillain and if they don't hate him, then he has nothing to live for. Hank Thunder-throws Colosso into a wall.


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