The Nose Hairalyzer is a gadget used in the Thundermans to grow nose hair but can also be used to grow beard or chest hair. The gadget is usually kept in Max's box of "Not Evil Enough" stuff in Max's Lair. The nose hairalyzer is shaped like a nose.


Adventures in Supersitting

When Max doesn't want Billy and Nora disturbing him, he shows them a box of gadgets labelled "Not Evil Enough" in which they find the Nose Hairalyzer. They start using it to give nose hair to other objects in the house including couch cushions. Billy uses the gadget to give himself chest hair.

I'm Gonna Forget You, Sucka

Max upgraded the Nose Hairalyzer in this episode in order to give himself an evil beard to improve his appearance as a villain and impress Dark Mayhem. Unfortunately, he zaps Nora with it, forcing Nora to be stuck with a beard before her playdate with Owen. Max eventually figures out a way to counteract the fast-growing beard caused by the machine.