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Hey, I'm not creepy, I'm quirky.
Nora to Darcy

Nora Mae Thunderman was the youngest child of Barb (Barbara) and Hank on the series The Thundermans. She is portrayed by Addison Riecke.


Nora may be the smallest kid in the Thunderman bunch, but she knows more than what her tiny years let for. She gets her biggest thrills from getting in the way of Billy's shenanigans and has a spunky personality to boot. Nora has huge Bow Collection because she loves bows and is always wearing one.


Billy Thunderman

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  • - Even though she lasers him and sometimes gets annoyed at Billy's antics, she thinks of Billy as her best friend. They both have a good relationship and Billy thinks of Nora as his best friend. When Nora was accepted in a different school, she found out she won't have time to spend time with Billy.

Powers and Abilities

  • Heat Vision: Nora can shoot fire beams of heat from her eyes, she can also control the intensity of them. Her lasers can be reflected by objects making it possible for her to hit more than one target at once and allows her to do her "trick shots" (mentioned and demonstrated in Patch Me If You Can). Besides it was shown that Nora is able to free herself easily when frozen by Phoebe or Max by melting the ice with her power.
    • Explosion Inducement: In Going Wonkers, Nora made Hank's 3D puzzle explode when she applied enough heat to it.
  • True Sight: As a Superhero she has the power to see and hear ghosts.(Haunted Thundermans)
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Personality Traits

  • Nora is the most manipulative Thunderman and things have to go her way. She easily manipulates her parents, as well as her siblings.
  • All the other Thundermans are scared of her. Both Max and Hank have said several times that they're afraid of her as seen in You Stole My Thunder, Man and Are You Afraid of the Park?
  • When she gets angry, she activates her Laser eyes, ready to attack, even in front of non-supes. The others usually stop her before it's too late.
  • She's very tough and strong-minded but her weakness is her bows. If you threaten her bows, she cracks easily even if she had promised someone else to keep a secret - You Stole My Thunder, Man.
  • She is very smart, just like Max and Phoebe and she actually outsmarts them sometimes.


  • She has many similarities with Anais Watterson: one of the main characters from The Amazing World of Gumball.
  • In the first two seasons she is the youngest family member and plays the "mommy's and daddy's little girl" card quite often to get what she wants. This changes when Chloe is born.
  • She has a bow collection which she loves a lot.
  • She picks on her brother Billy Thunderman.
  • Only Max knows where Nora's bow collection is.
  • She knows and can speak German poetry
  • She is fluent in French - Paging Dr. Thunderman, He Got Game Night
  • She reads Phoebe's diary
  • She's regularly not so nice and sometimes is very nasty for example in You Stole My Thunder, Man she hit Max while he was hurt but during Christmas time she extremely different she's sweet and nice never mean and action packed on Christmas



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