You know that's my signature look!

Nora, about her bows

Nora's Bows is a collection of bows owned by Nora Thunderman. She is very fond of her bows. She wears bows in every episode and with all of her outfits.

Nora and a Bow

The bows come in all colors, shapes and sizes. Nora protects her bows at all costs.

Although Nora is very good at keeping secrets, she can be easily blackmailed by threatening her bows. In Phoebe vs. Max and You Stole My Thunder, Man, she caves in and gives out Phoebe's plans when Max threatens her bow collection.


When Darcy makes fun of Nora's bows in Crime After Crime, Nora gets so furious that she wants to hit Darcy with her lasers. But Phoebe stops her before it's too late.

In Up, Up, and Vacay, the Thundermans girls team wins because Nora's bow falls off, crossing the finish-line.


Nora would never give up her bows for anything. In Who's Your Mommy, she and her siblings are working hard and doing a garage sale to make some money for a swimming pool. However, she is very reluctant to let go of her bows. She chases away anyone who wants to buy them. Even after being convinced by her dad that it's okay to sacrifice some of her bows, she only manages to sell one bow to Colosso. In the same episode, a bow melted and stuck in her hair because of the heat.

In Can't Spy Me Love, a little girl rejects Nora performing at her birthday party simply because she wears bows too. She says, "Bows are my thing!"

In Stealing Home, Nora takes off her bow to show that she's got serious and scare Billy and Barb during the cactus-holding competition.

In Back To School, Nora wears two bows at the same time: a red-bow and a blue bow, both with white stars, representing the American flag since she was campaigning against Hank to become President of Important Stuff.

In Thundermans: Banished!, Nora starts signing thousands of her bows to her fans (the Noranators) who started supporting her after being exposed in Thundermans: Secret Revealed.

In Better Off Wed, when Phoebe asks for a special gifts for the parents wedding, Nora suggests her bows. She then goes ahead and decorates the entrance with a lot of bows. Phoebe thanks her for using all of her bows but she responds by saying, "It's cute that you think these are all my bows."