Wong's Pizza Palace is a pizza place in Hiddenville owned by Mrs. Wong. By season 3, Mrs. Wong has bought Splatburger as well in her plan to take over all restaurants in Hiddenville.


This Looks Like a Job For...

  • Wong's Pizza Palace is introduced in this episode.
  • Both Max and Phoebe as well as Tyler interview and get the job at Wong's.
  • Mrs. Wong shows them her Wongza-4000 Pizza Machine
  • The Thunder Twins get fired twice from the pizza place.

Have an Ice Birthday

  • Phoebe and Max host their birthday party at Wong's where Max invites the entire school.
  • Max freezes Mrs. Wong into a sculpture, which is accidentally taken by a dojo class.

Cheer and Present Danger

  • Mrs. Wong holds a pizza contest to see who can guess the number of pepperonis in a jar but when Max's guesses correctly, Mrs. Wong says that Max cheated. The winner of the contest would get free pizza for a whole month but since Wong didn't believe Max, she decided to torture him with rotten fish sticks.

Call of Lunch Duty

  • Mrs. Wong is trying to create an alien theme for the restaurant but accidentally scares Nora and Billy into thinking that she was a real alien.

Give Me A Break Up

  • Following the success of Wong's Pizza, Mrs. Wong has started to buy other restaurants in Hiddenville including Splatburger.


  • Mrs. Wong seems very mean to her employees as well as customers, especially Max and Phoebe Thunderman

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