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Mrs. Olympia Wong is a recurring character on The Thundermans. She is mostly known for running her multiple restaurants including Wong's Pizza Palace and Splatburger. She is also a neighbor of the Thundermans. Mrs. Wong is potrayed by Helen Hong.


Mrs. Wong is a business woman who runs restaurants in Hiddenville. She started with her Wong's Pizza Palace, a pizza place where the Thundermans used to order pizza. She mistreats her workers and engages in bad business practices as seen in multiple episodes.

By season 3, Mrs. Wong has become the official owner of the big restaurant, Splatburger. She said that she wants to own and run all the restaurants in Hiddenville.


Mrs. Wong is very sarcastic, nonsense woman. She's not very fond of the Thundermans family, which she usually disrespects them with her sarcasm. In reality and a rude woman, wicked and bad.


Season 1

This Looks Like a Job For...

When Phoebe and Max go for a job interview at Wong's Pizza Palace, they meet Mrs. Wong for the first time. They realize that she is mean and sassy and sarcastic. She interviews them and isn't impressed but hires them anyway because she doesn't have much option. She explains to them how the Wongza pizza machine works in harmony. The Thunder Twins mess up and machine explodes, covering Mrs. Wong with dough. She fires them and kicks them out.

Crime After Crime

Mrs. Wong and other neighbors come over to the Thundermans Home to ask them to form a neighborhood watchgroup to protect the neighborhood from a vandal. She wants to be the captain but Hank bribes people and therefore he's chosen the captain. Mrs. Wong introduces her niece, Darcy to the Thundermans kids. Mrs. Wong suspects Max for being the neighborhood vandal and uses that against Hank so that she becomes the captain. It later turns out that her niece was the vandal all along.

Have an Ice Birthday

Max freezes Mrs. Wong into a statue to prevent her from discovering that he had invited the whole school to the Thunder Twins' birthday party. The statue gets carried away accidentally during a pizza pickup by the dojo class. Phoebe and Max must fight to get the Wong statue back. They unfreeze her.

Season 2

Cheer and Present Danger

Mrs. Wong holds a pizza contest for people to guess the number of pepperonis inside a jar. The winner would get a full-month supply of free pizza. When Max arrives, she first mocks him claiming that he should be in jail. After reading the actual count, Mrs. Wong calls everyone losers and suckas but then realizes that Max guessed the number correctly. She concludes that Max cheated and vows to supply the Thundermans with fishheads until Max admits that he cheated. When Max convinces his family that he didn't cheat, they stand up against Wong. So, Max lies that he cheated for Mrs. Wong to stop torturing them with the stinky fish heads. They call a truce but Max uses exploding ink which blows up in Mrs. Wong's face.

Call of Lunch Duty

After watching a vide about aliens, Billy and Nora get paranoid and start suspecting that anyone could be an alien. They overhear Mrs. Wong singing in a terrible voice wearing an alien costume and conclude that she is an alien. She comes over to the Thundermans house to ask them to taster her new pizza. Mrs. Wong puts on an alien costume to impress the kids but they get scared and ready to attack her. She is later saved by Barb and Hank. She tells them that she is making an alien themed dish at her restaurant and wanted them to taste and give her feedback. So, she gets mad at them and refuses to let them even taste it.

Season 3

Give Me A Break Up

Mrs. Wong reveals that she now owns Splatburger in an effort to take over all the restaurants in Hiddenville. She gets jealous of Max for making better soup than the one offered at Splatburger. So, she tries to copy Max and claim it is his own. She and Max participate in a cooking contest tv show to see who is the better cook. Since Max doesn't want to damage his bad boy image, he teaches Nora and Billy how to do it but they mess everything up. He gets back at Mrs. Wong by using Telekinesis to make her mess up her own cooking demo. Mrs. Wong loses in addition to embarrassing herself on TV.

Dog Day After-School

After Doggin runs away, the Thunderman kids use the Thunder Monitor to locate her. They see Mrs. Wong in a commercial for Splatburger and realize that's where Doggin went. Doggin arrives at Splatburger and trashes everything, making Mrs. Wong mad. Mrs. Wong locks her up inside her office and calls police to stop the crazy woman. Phoebe arrives to convince Wong that she saw a dog and not a woman but Mrs. Wong is sure of what she saw. Max, Billy and Nora sneak through the window to turn Doggin back into a dog. Mrs. Wong sees the dog and becomes somewhat paranoid because she was pretty sure she saw a woman. The cops don't believe.

Original Prankster

When Billy and Nora are playing outside, Mrs. Wong destroys their balls that run into her backyard. Phoebe asks the rest of the family to be nice to her hoping that she would change and become a better person. They're skeptical but go along with Phoebe's idea. Mrs. Wong warms up to them and even invites them for a party. It turns out, she invited them for the party half-hour earlier so that they can be her servants. They learn that Mrs. Wong is hosting the party with PTA board to convince them to let her supply the school with food. Phoebe leads the kids to sabotage Mrs. Wong's review by proving that Mrs. Wong is mean and impatient with kids. Mrs. Wong loses the opportunity and reminds the Thundermans that she hates them.

Stealing Home

Mrs. Wong is hosting a contest at Splatburger where the winner gets to star in the next Splatburger commercial. The challenge is to hold the cactus and see who can go the longest without releasing it. Barb, Billy, Nora and Chloe decide to participate in the challenge. Chloe accidentally touches a thorn on the cactus but Mrs. Wong laughs at her for lifting her hand and losing. During the contest, Mrs. Wong keeps calling the participants losers and suckas. She wants Raul a professional actor so she tries to help him win by making him comfortable while making it as difficult as possible for the Thundermans to win. Barb uses her Electress powers to sabotage Raul and therefore the Thundermans are the last ones standing. At the end, Wong lets Billy, Nora and Barb to be in the commercial since they released the cactus at the same time.

Thundermans: Secret Revealed

When Hiddenville finds out about ThunderGirl, Mrs. Wong joins the ThunderGirl fan club and even buys a ThunderGirl t-shirts. Phoebe and her prom girlfriends - Cherry, Maddy and Roxy - meet at Splatburger for a dinner to iron out the details for prom but on their way out, Phoebe accidentally drops her bag, exposing her ThunderGirl supersuit. Mrs. Wong sees it and realizes that Phoebe is ThunderGirl. She decides to take the opportunity to exert revenge on the Thundermans since she's always suspected them. She starts spying on the Thundermans to get enough evidence that they are a family of superheroes.

Mrs. Wong calls reporters and exposes the Thundermans, hoping that by doing so she will become popular. While taking the reporters into the Thundermans house, Mrs. Wong is ambushed by Dark Mayhem. At first, she thinks Dark Mayhem is just a reporter trying to get closer. But Dark Mayhem manages to scare them off.

Season 4

Thundermans: Banished!

With the Thundermans exposed as superheroes, Mrs. Wong takes advantage of that and decides to call them for every little thing, including cleaning jammed tubes at Splatburger. Max and Phoebe rush to Splatburger in an effort to prove which one of them is a better superhero. They can't agree on whether to use Heat Breath or Freeze Breath. So, they end up using both powers at the same time, Splatburger to explode. Mrs. Wong almost gets hurt by the expression and repeats how much she hates the Thundermans. She then uses insurance money to put Splatburger back and running. Unfortunately, Candi Falconman comes in flying through the roof, forcing Mrs. Wong to repair it again.

Ditch Perfect

Mrs. Wong hosts a live comedy show at Splatburger called "Splaturday Night Live". She uses most of the time to humiliate the comedians. When she takes the stage, she says two rats walked into Splatburger. At first, it sounds like a routine comedy joke but she confirms that there are literally rats in Splatburger.

May Z-Force Be With You

Mrs. Wong is competing against Barb for the Hiddenville Flower Fest to see whose flowers will grow faster. She has been winning every year and Barb just wants her to lose. Nora and Billy help their mom defeat Wong by using the "Whoa Grow" chemical from Metroburg on the flowers. At first, Barb is happy to beat Mrs. Wong but after realizing that Billy and Nora cheated, she reverses the effect of the chemical, causing her flowers to shrink. Luckily, Principal Bradford's beats Mrs. Wong.

Save the Past Dance

In this episode, her likely mother, Grandma Wong is introduced. She also worked at Splatburger and was also very mean,too. She is shown to be in love Colonel Chad Bradford. She judges the dance contest, not giving Phoebe and Heinrich Hiddenville III and the win even though their moves were much better than the rest of the competitor's.

Physical Appearance

Mrs. Wong is petite woman who never usually smiles. She usually wears her black hair up in a messy bun and wears glasses too.

Episode Appearances

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4


  • She owns a Wong's Pizza restaurant in Hiddenville. She later became the owner of Splatburger, replacing Jay Jay.
  • She hates the Thundermans and frequently calls them "losers".
  • She also has a niece named Darcy Wong, who also hates the Thunderman family.
  • She has 4 sons, whom she hinted wants to be doctors.
  • Her first name was revealed in Thundermans: Secret Revealed


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