Nice flip Phoebe. You from a circus family?

— Mrs. Austin

Mrs. Austin is a recurring character on The Thundermans. She is a government teacher at Hiddenville High. Mrs. Austin is portrayed by Rebecca Metz.


In The Girl with the Dragon Snafu, Mrs. Austin was teaching Phoebe and Max's class about Chinese culture. She asked the class to break into teams for their Chinese culture projects. When Phoebe stood up to Winnie Lee and got kicked out of her group and Sarah refused to accept her back, she asked Mrs. Austin to do the project alone but Mrs. Austin refused because it was supposed to be a group project. Fortunately or unfortunately, Max got kicked out of Sarah's group and Mrs. Austin asked Max and Phoebe to do the project together. She was later impressed by the Thunder Twins Chinese fireworks project and gave them an A.

In Date Expectations, Mrs. Austin was teaching the class about U.N and assigning them their Model U.N project assignments. She was concerned when Phoebe arrived late to class and suspected something was going on. She warned Phoebe that she could fail the cause if she continued this way. However, Mrs. Austin offered to give Phoebe an A if she (as Argentina) could get all the countries to sign the peace treaty in Model U.N. She also made it clear that no one has been able to achieve this before. The alternative was to make Phoebe take night-school. After Phoebe sabotaged Allison during the Model U.N., Mrs. Austin disqualified Allison and gave Phoebe an A for getting everyone to sign the peace treaty. However, after Allison's speech to Max, Phoebe felt bad and apologized to Allison and Mrs. Austin.


Mrs. Austin seems very nice and caring about her students. At the same time, she takes her teaching job seriously and doesn't give any students any special treatment.

Episode Appearances

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