The Merry Meerkat Song is a song sang by a place called Merry Meerkat.


The Cow eats bamboo Then it goes poo

The pot-bellied pig It goes boo-hoo-hoo

We are the Meerkat Fun Time Happy Band Hope you're having a good time

On vocals, it's Maxaroo Hey I'm having a hoppin' good time

On guitar, it's Giraffester [Electric guitar solo]

Hanging out over here on the keyboard, it's Gideon J. Rhino [Keyboard Solo]

And all the way from Germany, Wolfgang, which I've been told is German for gecko [Drum Solo]

And who's that girl who been blowin' your mind on the plant flute, it's Phoebe Frogerman [Pan Flute Solo]

The horse goes neigh When it wants some hay

The farmer feeds the horse Then it's play, play, play

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