I wanna fan your father!

— Max to Mr. Evilman

Meet the Evilmans is the twelfth episode in Season 2 of The Thundermans.


A retired super villain and Hank's old nemesis Evilman moves to Hiddenville. Trouble brews when Phoebe and Link star dating behind their fathers' backs.


Main Plot

Phoebe and Max are hanging out together at Splatburger when Max dares Phoebe to use her powers to bring a ketchup bottle to their table. Unfortunately, a guy sees Phoebe using her powers. Max asks Phoebe to go and make him unsee that. Phoebe walks over to convince the boy that it was just a magic trick. But then the boy stretches his finger and says he has superpowers too. He introduces himself as Link. He stretches his arm to get Phoebe a chair. Max walks joins them.

The Thunder Twins go into Max's Lair to research who is this other kid with superpowers in Hiddenville. Max looks into the Hero League's database only to find that Link is the son of Mike Evilman, their dad's greatest enemy. Dr. Colosso tells Max and Phoebe that Hank hates Evilman because he is the one supervillain he could never beat. Max says he loves Evilman's evil laugh and cool Ice Base. When Hank hears Max playing Evilman's evil laugh on his computer, he rushes into the lair. Max lies about it.

Max wants Phoebe to date Link so that he can get chance to meet Link's dad. But Phoebe cancels her date with Link because there is no way she would be allowed to date the son of Evilman. Max telekinetically removes Phoebe's phone from her pants and texts Link to come over for a date.

In the living room, the Thunder Monitor announces that the son of Evilman is approaching. Max asks Phoebe to get it, lying that it's the "Overachievers of America." Phoebe is surprised they're a week earlier. Of course they are. Phoebe opens the door, finds Link, closes the door and freaks out. She asks Max why he invited Link. But Max just wants Evilman's Ice Base. Max opens for Link and convinces Phoebe to let Link in. Link tells them that his dad is Evilman but he is nothing like him. Phoebe believes him but worries that their parents won't let them date. Link accidentally presses the penguin, revealing the Thundermans superhero portrait. He recognizes that they're the Thundermans. He emphasizes how much the parents hate each other. But Phoebe says that the parents never have to find out.

On their way out, Phoebe and Link are confronted by Barb. Barb then calls Hank down to check out Link's car to make sure it's safe. Phoebe refuses to tell her parent's Link's real last name, claiming that he's Link Link. Link acts scared in front of Hank, which impresses Hak. After putting on some pants, Hank inspects Link's car during which Link mentions that his dad has an emergency GPS button which alerts him where he is. Max uses this information to draw Evilman's attention. He presses the button and tries to stall by asking Hank to take Link back to the house for more tests.

Max impatiently and nervous waits for Mr. Evilman to arrive. He practices how he's going to introduce himself to his favorite supervillain. But when Evilman arrives, Max panics and just says "I wanna fan your father!" Evilman asks Link what happened because the button was pressed. Phoebe figures out that Max did it.

Mr. Evilman introduces himself as "Mike Evilmann." Hank thinks he looks familiar but realizes he saw him in a commercial for mattresses. Evilman tells them that he runs a mattress store. Hank and Evilman start singing together the commercial song. They share a good moment but then Evilman laughs. Hank recognizes the laugh. He rises to face him. Evilman gets Link to leave as Hank wants to take credit for kicking him out. Hank then forbids Phoebe from ever seeing Link again.

Phoebe makes a sandwich and takes it to Max in his lair. She then knocks it down just when Max is about to eat it. She angrily blames him for ruining her chances with Link, simply because he had to invite Evilman into the house. After they calm down, Phoebe asks Max to help her sneak out with Link one more time. Max promises Colosso that he will rat them out.

Hank contacts the Hero League about Evilman but President Kickbutt confirms that Evilman is retired and poses no threat. Hank's complain is that Evilman's son asked her daughter out. Kickbutt mocks him and hangs up. Max then comes over and rats Phoebe out to Hank. Hank flies through the ceiling to grab Evilman. He brings Evilman back. Max tries introducing himself again. He fails. Neither of them wants their kids dating each other. Link is an evil spawn and Phoebe is a goody-two-shoes. They both want to put an end to this. Evilman uses his app to track Link. Both Hank and Evilman fly through the ceiling to Splatburger to stop their kids from dating. Max runs to catch the bus.

Phoebe and Link are having fun at Splatburger using their powers. They both realize that their dads are pretty much alike. Hank Thunderman sits or sleeps on the couch all day while Mike Evilman sleeps all day selling mattresses. Phoebe is confident about them not being caught because Max is so good at lying to their parents. But apparently Max is good at lying to her too! Hank and Evilman arrive and start fighting each other to stop Link and Phoebe from dating. The pull down Splatburger's tubes for food fight. Everyone else leaves the restaurant. The dads continue fighting until Phoebe stops them. She explains to them that they shouldn't keep them apart because of their past. Besides, they have so much in common, they're basically the same person.

Hank puts down his tube but Hank still wants to hit him with food. Phoebe redirects it, hitting Max instead. Evilman calls Max the weird kid, which makes Max happy because of the recognition. The fathers agree to stop fighting, as well as keeping Phoebe and Link together. Max asks Evilman about his evil ice base but Evilman tells him that he sold it to open a mattress store. Hank and Evilman leave the restaurant singing to checkout Evilman's Mattress Store.

Phoebe is glad to have ended a family feud. Splatburger manager, Jay Jay tells Phoebe and Link that they have to pay $372 for the damage. Link uses his stretchy arms to steal his dad's wallet while Phoebe takes out Max's wallet from her pocket. They split the bill.


Nora and Billy are playing jump-rope but when Nora realizes Billy is way better at it than her because of his superspeed advantage, she burns the rope with her laser eyes. The Thunder Monitor announces that there's a toy delivery at the door. The delivery guy leaves a toy helicopter addressed for their neighbor, Mr. Fisher. Nora convinces Billy to play with the helicopter and then return it into the box. No one will ever find out!

They dress up as pilots and take the helicopter into Max's lair to play with it. After breaking the helicopter, Barb asks them if they have seen Mr. Fisher's package dropped in the house but Nora denies it. Dr. Colosso congratulates Nora and Billy for their first crime. He then scares them that the cops will come after them. Nora and Billy manage to fix the helicopter but they break it again beyond repair. So, they bury it in the backyard.

Someone knocks at the door. Nora and Billy get scared but hope it's not a cop. They open the door only to find a guy in cop's uniform. They start confessing and apologizing to their mother for lying. She confronts them about it and starts apologizing to the cop too. But then the guy reveals that he is not really a cop. He just wanted to "serve" them with coupons for a new hotdog place they recently opened. Barb is relieved but Billy and Nora are in trouble!


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Coley Speaks as Officer Dan



  • Eric Allan Kramer played Bob Duncan on the Disney Channel series Good Luck Charlie
  • Prduction for this episode ran from August 18th, 2014 - August 22nd, 2014.
  • First new episode not to air on a Saturday.
  • First appearance of Link Evilman and Mr. Evilman


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