May Z-Force Be With You is the eleventh episode of Season 4 of The Thundermans and the 82nd episode overall.


Max and Phoebe ask Cherry to secretly fill-in after Phoebe injures herself the night before a meeting with the Z-Force.[1]

Main Plot

Max was getting a haircut by Dr. Colosso when Hank and Barb entered the room. Barb asked Max if he's ready for his big Z-Force interview the next day. Max said he that he is. He also got 'burned' by Hank. Dr. Colosso then called the shampoo girl, which happen to be Chloe to take Hank and Barb away.

Just as Max finished his haircut, Phoebe and Cherry entered the room with shopping bags. Cherry then tried on her new outfit. Max was confused why Phoebe is spending time with Cherry and not preparing for their big Z-Force interview the next day. Phoebe said that she had been preparing all week and besides Cherry needed help shopping clothes for her ping pong tournament. Max then said that Phoebe keeps on dropping things to save Cherry but Phoebe refused to believe it. Just then, Cherry had trouble wearing her outfit, Phoebe dropped her shopping bags to save her. Max then told Phoebe the plan: she will say smart things while he does his power pose which Phoebe thinks that he look like he's holding in a fart. Cherry was excited about the tournament especially if she has her best friend with her. But Phoebe explained that she had to be fresh for her interview tomorrow so she can't be there with her.

Later that night, Phoebe was ironing her clothes when she got a emergency text from Cherry. She immediately went to the Hiddenville High where the Ping Pong Tournament took place. She found Cherry's head stuck in the net. She helped Cherry get her head unstuck. She also found out that Cherry was in the finals, all she had to do is defeat Principal Bradford. When the tournament started, Cherry suggested that she should do a final selfie. When she was doing that, Principal Bradford served the ball but it hit Phoebe hard that made her fall off the stairs. But Cherry won the tournament.

The next day, Max was shocked to find Phoebe with a cast on her neck and a fractured leg. The Z-Force interviewer cannot see her like that. Cherry wanted to help Phoebe but Max said that it's only possible if they can replace her with someone that does not look like they got hit by a bus. That gave Phoebe an idea. She will be replaced by someone who know a lot about her (Cherry).

Cherry wore a brown wig and a super suit. Max said that that idea isn't going to work but he was proved wrong when Hank got fooled by Cherry.

Phoebe and Cherry were reviewing the things Cherry should say. The Z-force interviewer came. Phoebe hid on the slide of Max's Lair. The interviewer introduced himself as D-Tail. He has a dog tail too. D-Tail was not part of the Z-force because 10 years ago when he took the Z-force test, his tail got stuck in an escalator which is why he is also nicknamed Tail Fail. When D-Tail started interviewing them, Cherry got nervous causing Phoebe to accidentally shout while hiding in the swirly slide. So she slid down to Max's Lair to find Dr. Colosso styling a patient's hair. Dr. Colosso then gave Phoebe an idea that she'll style her hair like Cherry's so she could help her at the interview.

Phoebe enters the room, dressed as Cherry and helps answer some of D-Tail's question. When D-Tail asked "Phoebe" to answer questions for herself, Cherry still got them right. Then, D-Tail got a call that Metroburg's Proton reactor was having a meltdown and the Z-force was busy at the time. D-Tail asked Max and Cherry to follow him to Metroburg because they have their cool superpowers while D-Tail only has a tail. Phoebe wanted to join but she can't..

At Metroburg, there were 2 reactors. One of them was overheating and the other one was freezing. D-Tail ran around the building taking credit for everything while he left Max and Cherry to stop the meltdown. Max used his Freeze Breath on the overheating reactor and used his Heat Breath on the freezing one. But the the reactors started to freeze and overheat again. They had to freeze one and heat the other one at the same time which means that they need the real Phoebe or they won't able to stop the meltdown.

Meanwhile, Phoebe had gone to the Hiddenville Flower Fest so Chloe can teleport her to Metroburg so she could help Max and Cherry do the mission.

Max was freezing and heating the reactor quickly but it was no use. Max admitted that he needed Phoebe and Phoebe entered the place. But just then, D-Tail came back, shocked to see that they're not done yet. Max lied that they're just regulating some regulators. They would need to distract D-Tail in order for Phoebe to help Max. Cherry knew what to do. She said that they should take a picture of him stopping the meltdown. Cherry began to take pictures of him with bright flashes many times. Phoebe came out of hiding place. Max heat the frozen reactors while Phoebe froze the overheating one. They did it! Just then, D-Tail have enough of Cherry taking pictures of him. He was surprised when he saw that Max did it.

Thanks to Cherry, Max and Phoebe passed the interview. D-Tail will also recommend them to the finals. As a reward, D-Tail showed them his tail. Cherry was happy that she had a chance to save Phoebe.

Sub Plot

Barb was baby-talking her roses so they could grow big for the Hiddenville Flower Fest held at Splatburger. She wanted to beat Mrs. Wong and win the contest. Mrs. Wong had won the contest every year. Mrs. Wong said her roses were on fleek. Her roses were big. Hank suggested using the crazy fertiliser called Whoa Grow back in Metroburg that makes things grow fast but Barb refused to use it. Nora had an idea. She was explaining her plan to use the Whoa Grow on Barb's roses but Billy had already super-sped to Metroburg and get the Whoa Grow. Nora was surprised because that's the first time Billy had an idea before her but it turned out he was going to use it on the fence instead so it'll grow so big, Mrs. Wong can't see over it. But Nora used it on the roses instead.

Nora and Billy were wearing their gardeners hat while planting the roses. They took off their hats to find that their hair was gray! Nora checked the Whoa Grow to see if it did something to them and turned out it did. If you touch the Whoa Grow, it cast rapid aging. Just then, their parents came. Billy and Nora covered their heads with gardening pots. When Hank asked them why, they said that they're supporting Barb. Barb and Hank were amazed of Barb's really big roses. Hank told the kids to use the flower pots for good luck.

The Thundermans went to the Hiddenville Flower Fest. Barb looked around and believed that she might win this year. Billy wanted to super-speed to Metroburg to look for an antidote but Nora stopped him so Barb won't get suspicious. However, they were quickly growing older and older. After growing a "old person's nose hair", Nora allowed him to go but was stopped by Mrs Wong who teased them. Barb defended them. Mrs. Wong called her flowers pathetic but Hank showed her the big roses. Mrs. Wong was surprised.

Barb's roses were growing so fast that the pots started to crack. Barb wanted to borrow the pots from Billy an Nora but they stopped them. They lied that they inherited Hank's sweaty head genes. Then, they went outside. Nora and Billy had grown so old that they had quivery voices instead of their normal voices and they had hearing problems. Nora told Billy to superspeed to Metroburg but he had grown too old to be able to use his powers.

They went to use Chloe to teleport them their but Phoebe took her first. Hank and Barb mistook Billy and Nora for an old couple and asked them to take a picture of them. Barb was then shocked to find that it was Nora and Billy who had grown really old. The kids explained that they had used the Whoa Grow on Barb's roses. Hank said they'll turn the kids back after Barb won but Barb didn't want to cheat. Barb sprinkled some salt to the roses and they went back to normal, small. She later used the salt on Billy and Nora to return them to their normal age. Mrs. Wong was happy that Barb's flowers had turned small again. She said that she would win again but Principal Bradford won. Barb cheered. It turns out she only wanted to see Mrs. Wong lose.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Gary Anthony Williams as D-Tail


  • Max and Phoebe reference to the events of Phoebe vs. Max: The Sequel when Phoebe became protector of Hiddenville and her first mission was to stop Max.
  • Principal Bradford was shown to be involved with other "gaming" activities in Call of Lunch Duty where he was the best in the underground wrestling match.
  • Phoebe says Principal Bradford has no life outside school, which is something that Bradford himself has mentioned several times.
  • Passing the Z-Force interview advances Max and Phoebe to the final stage in the Z-Force recruitment process.


  • The title is a reference to the iconic phrase in Star Wars, "May the Force be with you".
  • This is Principal Bradford's first episode on Season 4.
  • In this episode, it is said that Max used to play football but quit.
  • Cherry's last name is Seinfeld.
  • Barb and Billy talk to plants. Barb baby talk her flowers while Billy talk to trees. He named one 'Herby'.
  • There is a 3-month hiatus after this episode.


The Thundermans - Season 4, Episode 10 - May Z-Force Be With You - The New Phoebe - Sneak Peek - HD 1080p

The Thundermans - Season 4, Episode 10 - May Z-Force Be With You - The New Phoebe - Sneak Peek - HD 1080p