Call me.

— Tara to Max

Max and Tara is the romantic pairing of Max Thunderman and Tara Campbell. In Dinner Party, Max is shown to have a crush on Tara as she is a bad girl and at the end of the episode, she developed a crush on him too. However, after that episode, Tara never appeared again.

Ship Names

  • Mara = (Ma/x) and (Ta/ra)

Max and Tara Moments

Dinner Party

  • Max has a crush on Tara because she is a bad girl.
  • Max finds out Tara is related to Cole Campbell, Phoebe's crush.
  • When the Campbell family leave, Tara tells Max to call her which shows that Tara also has a crush on him.


  • Tara is Max's first crush in the Thunderverse

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