Principal Bradford: Thunderman.
Max: Bradford.

Max and Bradford is the principal-student/frenemy pairing of Principal Bradford and Max Thunderman in The Thundermans. Principal Bradford and Max's relationship is more of a frenemy relationship than a principal-student relationship. Max used to prank Principal Bradford and the latter hated him for it, but they were, most of the time, friendly with each other despite the hate.


Season 1

You Stole My Thunder, Man

  • Principal Bradford falls in Max's prank when he opens the smoothie machine and it spills smoothie all over him.

Up, Up, and Vacay

  • Principal Bradford hosts Max's family sporting competition.

Breaking Dad

  • Max (and Phoebe) use their telekinesis to trick Bradford into thinking that Hank, who was hired as the new chemistry teacher, was the one performing chemistry reaction demonstration.

Season 2

Max's Minions

  • Max pulls an epic prank on Bradford which leads to the latter reiterating that Max is the public school enemy number one.
  • Max gives his minions the idea to prank Bradford during detention.

Change of Art

  • Bradford hires Hank, Max's father to do the school art auction.

Call of Lunch Duty

  • Principal Bradford becomes the target of Rebel Raptor, alias Max's pranks.
  • Principal Bradford suspects that Max is Rebel Raptor but Phoebe clears his doubt.
  • Max (and Phoebe) discover that Principal Bradford secretly runs an underground wrestling match within the school after school hours and he is the champion.
  • Max (and Phoebe) defeat Bradford in the wrestling match.



  • Both have brown hair.
  • Both have brown eyes.
  • Both hate going to school.
  • Both get emotional quite easily.
  • Both had Dr. Colosso as their pet.
  • Both got their heart broken by their respective girlfriends. (Max: Allison; Bradford: Valerie).


  • Max is a teen while Bradford is an adult.
  • Max is attending Hiddenville High while Bradford is the school's principal.
  • Max has superpowers but Bradford doesn't.