This article is a transcript of the Thundermans episode "Max's Minions" from season two, which aired on September 27, 2014.
  • [episode begins with Phoebe in school meeting with Cherry and Kelsey]
  • Phoebe: Cherry, Kelsey. I asked to my parents to go to the new dance club with you guys for the first time and they said yes! [she and her friends scream]
  • Principal Bradford: Hey! No screaming in the halls.
  • Phoebe: Sorry Principal Bradford. We're just really excited cause our parents did letting us go ot the new teen dance club this weekend.
  • Cherry: It's called Club...
  • Cherry, Phoebe and Kelsey: [with their arms up] Ooh Ooh. [Bradford chuckles]
  • Principal Bradford: Oops. I must be wearing my talk-to-me face. [changes his emotion like a mimo] Don't talk to me. [bites into his sandwich and walks away]
  • Kelsey: I can't wait our ifrst real dance club.
  • Cherry: Can I goona celebratory "girl friends"?
  • Phoebe, Kelsey, Cherry and Max: GIRL FIRENDS!
  • Phoebe: You look happy. What did you do?
  • Max: You know me Pheebs. Always trying to spice up someone's day. [a scream is heard and it turns out to be Principal Bradford]
  • Principal Bradford: Hot! Hot! Hot! My sandwich is stuffed with fire!
  • Max: [quietly] Jalapeño. [Principal Bradford tries to drink water from the water drinker but it only fires hot sauce to his mouth]
  • Principal Bradford: Hot sauce fountain?
  • Max: [holding a hot saucer bottle] How did such thing? [points to himself. Principal Bradford gets his hands stuck on the fountain]
  • Principal Bradford: Who put super glue on the hot sauce fountain? [he tries to get his hands out of the fountain but it is useless]
  • Phoebe: You again, girlfriend?
  • Max: [holding a glue can] Oh you got it. Quick, get some water from the bathroom! [a student does what Max said an when he opens the door, a sound of a trumpet is heard as the musician playing the trumpet and another musician playing guitar come out. Max starts shaking his maracas]
  • [theme song]
  • [scene changes to show Max in the hallway greeting players]
  • Max: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, member. They're no small pranks, only small people. [notices Principal Bradford] Hey Principal Bradford. I was just talking about you. [Bradford puts on the wall a poster of Max]
  • Principal Bradford: I used to be able to talk. [he turns around and his mouth is burned after the hot sauce]
  • Max: [reading] Public School Enenmy #1. Max Thunderman. Hard work does pay off.
  • Principal Bradford: I know you did this Max. I don't have prove but I promise you, I'll find before the blisters on my throat heal. [walks away. Behind Max, there are Lionel, Jake and Tom]
  • Max: Whoa. Nerd ball. [moves backwards] Don't move. [Lionel, Jake and Tom walk towards him] A mile away from me.
  • Lionel: That prank you pulled on principal was amazing. The whole school is talking about it.
  • Max: Oh. So you're fans, huh? [takes Tom's book to give an autograph] Who am I making this to?
  • Tom: It's Tom.
  • Max: Hey Tim. [gives Tom his book back]
  • Tom: Hey guys. I'm Tim now. [Max starts walking away]
  • Jake: Mr. Prank King, wait!
  • Lionel: We were wondering if you could teach us your pranky ways.
  • Max: Guys. Pranking isn't something you can learn, you wouldn't got it...
  • Lionel: We'll pay you.
  • Max: Or I got money.
  • Tom: We'll do everything you say.
  • Max: Mm. I'll need minions if I'm going to take over the world someday.
  • Lionel: you mean the school?
  • Max: Yeah, that. Alright let's get started. Right after we get this smudge off Lionel's shirt. [Lionel looks down and Max hits him with the pen]

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