Kelsey is a recurring character on the series The Thundermans. She is a friend of Phoebe's. Kelsey is portrayed by Teala Dunn.


Kelsey is one of Phoebe's friends. She is first seen in Nothing to Lose Sleepover when she came over to Phoebe's sleepover. Like the rest of the girls, Kelsey is bored at first but eventually starts to like the sleepover after a successful Light as a Feather game.

In Max's Minions, Kelsey and Cherry are excited to go with Phoebe to the new "Club Ooh Ooh." They even tell Principal Bradford about their excitement but Bradford tells them that he's not wearing a "talk to me" face. Unfortunately, Phoebe gets into trouble for using Billy and Nora as her minions. As a punishment, Barb joins Kelsey, Cherry and Phoebe for the dance. Kelsey doesn't seem to mind Barb's embarrassing dancing.

In The Neverfriending Story, Kelsey and Cherry come over to the Thundermans house to watch a movie but Max and his friends want the TV. While the Thunder Twins fight, Kelsey and Cherry quickly bond with Oyster and Gideon which worries Max and Phoebe that their friends are going to become a group. Kelsey, Cherry and the boys go to a movie together while Phoebe and Max try to sabotage them. Kelsey says a couple times that she wishes Phoebe was there with them.

Episode Appearances

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


  • She was one of the four girls invited to Phoebe's sleepover.
  • Becomes a reccuring character in Season 2.


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