Don't care. Don't like you.

— Jocelyn to Chester

Jocelyn is a character on the Thundermans. She is a young superhero student at SASS. Jocelyn is portrayed by Saylor Bell.


In Back To School, Jocelyn is among the students who missed the Hero League power assessment test at SASS and is forced to take it. She introduces herself to Phoebe and Max and shows off her Glowing in the Dark superpower.

Jocelyn is partnered with her friend Keely for the test with whom she makes a laser blaster to defeat a robot. She knows that Chester has a crush on her but she just tries to ignore him. She later uses the blaster to try to save Max and Phoebe from the high-speed lasers but unfortunately, it magnetizes the SASS logo, causing Leonard/Metalbutt to be stuck on the logo.



Jocelyn knows Chester has a crush on her, but she doesn't like him. Even though during the episoide Chester shows off his powers to impress her.


Keely and Jocelyn worked together and defeated the robot 


Glowing: Her powers are glowing in the dark. That was revealed in Back To School

Episode Appearances


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