Hiddenville Parks are places in Hiddenville that have parks for recreational purposes or for kids to play. Hiddenville has a lot of parks that have featured in multiple episodes through out the Thundermans series.


Season 1

Crime After Crime

Max figures out that the neighborhood vandal is going to vandalize one of the parks next. So, the Thundermans go undercover in costumes and spend the night at the park waiting for the criminal. Early the following morning, the Thundermans wake up and notice the criminal defacing on of the statues in the park. They try to stop the vandal but it proves to be difficult because of kids entering to play at the park. When they finally capture the criminal, it turns out to be Darcy Wong.

Season 2

Four Supes and a Baby

Phoebe arrives at the park with Billy and Nora. Phoebe only took them to the park because Phoebe wanted to hang out with Dylan. Phoebe introduces Billy and Nora to Dylan. Dylan introduce Baby Rusty to Billy, Phoebe and Nora. Phoebe baby-talks to Rusty but he burps on her. Dylan tells her that it's because he's seen a pretty girl. Phoebe gets butterflies in her stomach because Dylan called her pretty. Everything is fun between Phoebe and Dylan... until Max shows up.

Max shows up to take Billy and Nora. Billy and Nora said that they don't want to leave. Max blames Phoebe from stealing Billy and Nora. He wonders how much parks are in this city. Dylan said it's okay to take Billy and Nora home. Unfortunately, Nora took Baby Rusty instead of Baby Lulu.

At the Park, Dylan realizes that the baby bottle is still full despite the fact that the baby has been drinking it for a while. Phoebe distracts him by asking him to look at the guy in camouflage. When Dylan looks aside, Phoebe pours out most of the milk. She then tells Dylan the baby has drunk all that milk. Dylan complains that he didn't see the guy Phoebe was talking about but Phoebe says the guy was in camouflage, duh! Dylan realizes there is something going on. He wants his baby brother back. Phoebe stalled by creating a game which was Kick the Stroller. When Phoebe realizes that Dylan is getting really mad, she was about to confess the truth when Max came.

Season 3

Thundermans: Secret Revealed

Billy wants to be a superhero so he went to the park with Nora to see if their was any danger. Billy mistaken a man trying to steal a ring. Nora used her heat vision to blast at the man who was trying to steal a woman's purse. The other people thought that Billy had stopped that thief. Billy gets all the attention.

Main Moments

Season 2

Four Supes and a Baby

  • Phoebe takes Billy and Nora to the park near the Community Centre.
  • Phoebe hangs with Dylan.
  • Max, Billy and Nora accidentally take baby Rusty instead of Baby Lulu.

Season 3

Thundermans: Secret Revealed

  • Billy gets all the attention after he saved the woman's purse.

Episode Appearance


  • Hiddenville has a 1000 parks.

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