Hiddenville Galleria is a mall that serves the residents of Hiddenville and where Phoebe and Max got banned from in Mall Time Crooks.


Season 2

Mall Time Crooks

Phoebe and Max are assigned to get their dad's watch. They get their dad's watch and are about to leave when Oyster comes in. Phoebe accuses Max of calling his friend. Right after that message, Ashley comes in. Phoebe claims that she texted her to come. They plan on hanging out together. But after that Max Thunderman and Oyster get distracted easily by Ear Blasters.

Max can't wait to get them so he won't be able to hear Phoebe anymore. Max enters money into the machine but it rejects it because they have Max's face on it. Oyster didn't have any dollar with him because he threw his money to the wishing pond. Oyster guards the Ear Blaster Machine so no one can put a dollar inside the machine. Max planned to go get money in the pool. But first he steals candy from a baby.

Meanwhile, Phoebe and Ashley plan to go to the carousel before that they saw Madison holding a Sarah Finn bag. Phoebe and Ashley go to the Sarah Finn shop and take photos without paying for it and they hid the price tag.

When the mall cop came Phoebe said to Max what have you done now? Phoebe didn't realize that she was wearing a Sarah Finn outfit. The Assistant Manager accuses both Thunder Twins, claiming that it looks like stealing is there family business. Max and Phoebe get kicked out of the mall.

Phoebe remembered that their dad's present was still in the mall. Max comes up with a plan. He and Phoebe are both in bins and move each other. Phoebe and Max realize that the assistant manager is a thief too. Max sees Oyster struggling to stop kids from putting in the last dollar to win the Ear Blasters. He wants to save him but Phoebe assures Max that Oyster can take care of himself. During massage, Hollister starts telling his masseur about the annoying girl Phoebe. Max uses his telekinesis to move the masseur's money. This forces the masseur to catch the money. Phoebe makes the massage as painful as possible. Instead of Max taking the watch back during that moment, he plans on stealing a dollar to get the ear blasters. Phoebe confronts him about it but unfortunately she breaks character and speaks it in her own voice. Max and Phoebe stand up to Hollister for stealing their dad's watch. They take their dad's watch back and uses telekinesis to make Hollister beat himself up.

Season 3

Evil Never Sleeps

Max became an intern of this mattress store and tried to impress Evilman so that Evilman would hire him as his evil sidekick. Phoebe is trying to investigate Evilman as President Kickbutt called and mentioned that he is back to his old evil ways. She hid a camera in Max's tie to spy on him.

Phoebe suspected that Evilman was up to something when Max tries to sell a specific mattress and Evilman overreacted, reprimanding him that it was not for sale. She then went to the store and found a missile that was ready to be launch. She confronts Evilman and called President Kickbutt to turn him in. Eventually, it was found out that the missile was fake and the whole episode was a test to see if Phoebe would make the right choice as a superhero or if she would choose her boyfriend.

Known Business

  • Denim Dungeon - Gym-class store that was formerly located at where Sarah Finn is located
  • Sarah Finn - Luxury store that Madison visits that sells fancy clothes
  • Evilman's Mattress Store - Mattress store owned by Evilman
  • Ear Blaster Machine
  • The Carousel




Boulder Galleria - NRDD

  • This is the same building used for Boulder Galleria on Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn.
  • Though Max was banned from Hiddenville Galleria, he was working at Evilman's Mattress Store.

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