Billy had to be taken to the hospital for breaking his thumb.


Season 1

Paging Dr. Thunderman

Billy used Max's doctor-fooling stuff so that the doctors won't find out that Billy is a superhero. At the hospital, Billy puts on a fake ear and it tricked the doctor thinking it was real. Billy's test were good and the doctor advises them to put ice on his thumb. Phoebe, Max and Billy are glad that the doctors didn't find out their secret.

Suddenly, a nurse passes by holding a big needle which makes Max faint. The doctors said that they should do a brain scan to make sure he is all right. That's guaranteed to expose the extra superhero brain lobe. The test results are taken but the kids must get Max's files before anyone sees them. Max and Phoebe take some doctors uniform while Billy puts on a nurses outfit. Billy and Max's search is refrained when Billy gets a call from Nora saying that she has been accepted to the girls school. He tells Max that he can't live without Nora. He said that he doesn't want to end up like Phoebe and Max. This hurts Max and says that even though they fight. It doesn't mean they don't hate each other. Sisters are for life, he says. This cheers Billy up and he runs to continue their search.

Since Phoebe was mistaken to be a young doctor in training, she had to remove a mole from a guy. She was about to confess when Max came in to save Phoebe when he said ''the truth is that she doesn't work without him'' Max ask Phoebe to distract the class. Phoebe announced to tie their shoelaces before the demo begins. Max then freezes the mole with his freeze-breath and removes it. When the class looks up, Phoebe and Max show them that they've removed the mole. They make an epic exit, leaving everyone in the room confused about what just happened.

Max and Phoebe team up with Billy and successfully get Max's folder. Billy, reveals to Phoebe that Max cares about her and that he said sisters are for life. He then runs away to leave them bickering.

Season 2

Mall Time Crooks

Hank had to be taken to the hospital because he got struct by lightning.


  • Max
  • Billy
  • Hank
  • Mole Patient

Doctors & Nurses

  • Max (undercover)
  • Billy (undercover)
  • Phoebe (undercover)
  • Dr. Hobbs
  • Dr. Miller
  • Nurse (Unknown Name)

Episode Appearance


  • It was revealed that Phoebe and Max have a extra brain lobe.

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