Heat Breath is the ability to generate waves of pure heat through a breath. It can be used to undo the effects of Freeze Breath. Dependent on the user, the intensity can be controlled and various effects (like Fire Ball Projection) can be used, too.


  • Fire Ball Projection: Advanced users are capable of creating fire balls.

Notable Moments

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

  • Max uses Heat Breath to meltwater pipes in Phoebe vs. Max: The Sequel. In the same episode, Phoebe uses the superpower to melt Max's gold-attracting electromagnet.
  • When Chloe teleport Max to the North Pole in Robin Hood: Prince of Pheebs, Phoebe uses her Heat Breath to unfreeze him and make him feel warm again.

Season 4

  • When Max finds out Colosso is lying about being sick, Max burns his tuxedo outfit in Parks & T-Rex.
  • In Thunder in Paradise, Max burns Evil Phoebe's ATV to stop her getting from the volcano in Hawaii.
  • Max can dry his hair by using his heat breath as exampled in Nowhere to Slide.
  • In Mad Max: Beyond Thunderhome, Phoebe secretly buys spicy peppers so she could see the various effects on her Heat Breath.



  • Phoebe and Max were unable to use their regular Heat Breath as a result of the spices and peppers affecting their superpowers in Mad Max: Beyond Thunderhome.