Have an Ice Birthday is the fifteenth episode in Season 1 of The Thundermans.


The siblings get into craziness when they want to be trusted to have a normal teenage birthday party, but a frozen Mrs. Wong goes missing!


Max and Phoebe wake up and are warmly received in the living room by their parents and Billy and Nora, wishing them a happy birthday. However, the Thunder Twins are not impressed by all the childish things that Barb and Hank do every year during their birthday. They're too grown up for that. So, they agree to not do their usual puppet performance for their birthday. Instead, they would host a real birthday party, like real teenagers without embarrassing parents.

Phoebe books their party at Wong's Pizza while Max sends out invitation to friends. When Phoebe arrives at the party, she finds a lot of kids she doesn't even know. So, she walks into the kitchen to tell Max about it. Before Phoebe says anything, Max freezes Mrs. Wong. He then reveals that Phoebe that he is the one who invited the whole school and didn't want Mrs. Wong to know. He also reveals to Phoebe that he told them it was his party, not Max and Phoebe's party. Cherry comes into the kitchen and asks Max and Phoebe to keep the party under control since Evan keeps jumping onto the floor expecting someone to catch him. She notices frozen Wong and assumes that Mrs. Wong made her own sculpture that looks exactly like her. Phoebe and Max leave the kitchen with Cherry.

When the twins return to the kitchen after a few seconds, they find that Mrs. Wong has disappeared. They quickly notice that there was a pizza pickup for a dojo. So, Max and Phoebe agree to go to the dojo to see if they carried Mrs. Wong by accident.

At the Dojo, Max goes into the dojo to get the frozen Wong sculpture but the Sensei refuses to give it back. The Sensei instructs the kids he's training to fight Max for disrespecting the dojo, in front of their Chosen One, the googly-eyed one. Phoebe sees an image of The Chosen One and quickly realizes that she can pretend to be the chosen one and fool the sensei into releasing Max and getting Mrs. Wong back. Phoebe gets herself ready and walks in telling them to bow before her. She makes her googly eyes to just like The Chosen One. She also signals Max to use telekinesis to make her float. This convinces the sensei that he's really been visited by The Chosen One. He lets Max go and gives them Mrs. Wong back.

When Phoebe and Max arrive back at Mrs. Wong's, they realize that the party is already over. Phoebe reads messages from Cherry about how great the party was and how it started boring without them. They unfreeze Mrs. Wong and regret for not having any birthday party at all. They agree that they'd rather go home and have a lame birthday party with their parents.

Meanwhile, after being rejected by Max and Phoebe, Barb and Hank result to making the best use of Nora and Billy before they grow up. They spend the entire day making Billy and Nora do lame puppet shows multiple times which really annoys the kids.

Lucky for Billy and Nora, after a horrible day, Max and Phoebe come back home and agree to do whatever their parents had planned for them. They apologize for saying their plans were lame and embarrassing.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Special Guest Cast

  • Kel Mitchell as Sensei Kenny



  • Since the episode is about Phoebe and Max's birthday, Max and Phoebe's birthdate is on March 22.
  • This episode got 1.7 million views.
  • This is the first time we hear Billy using slang.
  • Kel Mitchell is a former Nickelodeon star who starred on the series Kenan & Kel and All That. He is also currently the character "Double G" in the series Game Shakers. 

Cultural References

  • The episode title, "Have An Ice Birthday", is a pun on the phrase "Have a Nice Birthday!"


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